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What is the Need For Playgrounds In Schools ?

by kaburulu

We all know how schools stress students on the concept of learning that they often overlook the reasons why children need to play and exercise. But that is a traditional notion that requires some change. Students need just as much time to play and exercise as they study. For some, it’s a great way to relieve stress whereas for others it is just a way to stay fit and healthy. Let us look at some points on the need of playgrounds in schools.


  • The future of the nation: Children are really important assets to a country. Thus, from the government, a number of policies are being run to ensure that the upcoming generations have the best of mental as well as physical health. Having the right physical health will only make it possible for students to have the best mental health which will help them to learn effectively.


  • Incorporate both studying & playing: Everyone must be with the saying “work hard, play hard”. Well, that is true for students trying to learn as well. For students who have spent a lot of time studying chemical reactions, having a break time to play some football or cricket will help the brain to refresh and relax. This will help to relieve stress and help the student’s brain to reboot and ready to learn more.


  • What schools should do: Even though the first and foremost aim of a school is to teach their students, it shouldn’t just end there. Schools must ensure that their students have the right infrastructure to work on their physical health as well.


  • The equipment to exercise: Schools must equally divide the study plan for a particular year of a student in such a way that they offer the students the best of both worlds. Organizing athletic meets and tournaments so students can work on their physical skills without being in lieu of the learning aspect of it.


Thus we have just discussed some of the many aspects of how important playing is compared to learning in schools. Working the brain by learning topics like Arrhenius equation is not the right thing to do as the body requires some stress relief and exercise as well. For more tips and tricks to optimize your learning curve, check out our YouTube channel –

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