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5 Advantages You Have With Android Over IOS

by kaburulu

android vs IOS
The raging war between these titans will forever be honored, but for today we must become one-sided and talk about some of the useful advantages you have on Android over the iOS operating system. I am not biased, and would like to point out early that I find both operating systems have useful options available. With that in mind let’s get started, I hope you have your device ready and follow along.

Multi-Account Login

This is a great feature for families as it allows everyone to get a turn while also keeping their information private. You can set age restrictions for each specific profile and never have to worry about children searching for things without your consent. All added applications and customizations done are also attached to each individual profile for that added personal feel, the iOS has nothing of the sort and can easily fight over who wants what where.

Free Applications

When stepping into the Google Play Store for the very first time you will be swarmed by thousands of quality applications. With that being said, there are plenty of free applications available for every genre possible. I have found great books like Moby Dick, to video games that had me addicted for months. You are bound to find something you like, and for no cost at all, this works great for children as they like to hop around applications all day.

Android also allows indie developers to easily post their creations on the market for all users to enjoy, whether they are free or pay.

Social Media Sharing

With social media making its way into everyone’s lives you are bound to want to share events or family gatherings with friends. Android actually has a larger social media sharing option than iOS by far. Sure they both have big media sites like Facebook and Twitter, but Android contains all of the newer and smaller social media companies as well. In the Google Play Store you are able to find standalone versions of social media applications so you can keep the list expanding.


Being a huge music fan myself, I found the Android devices being extremely easy to store music and even recommend it to newbies. With the drag and drop feature all you have to do is connect the device to the computer and drop all the music you want into a specific folder, unplug and enjoy. With Apple, you will need to be a little more technical, due to its piracy prevention program. The process is very tedious and takes a while to organize and transfer music to your mobile device, this is why I personally feel the Android is unbeatable in this department.

It doesn’t stop with just music, having to transfer photos and videos can be just as difficult and can turn off new users. Every single piece of media can be dragged and dropped into a folder with Android making it a piece of cake for any level of user.

File Organization

As with the multimedia, once you plug an Android device into the computer you get full access of the hard drive and can organize these folders any way you like. This makes it simple to store your notes, data, and saved websites with ease. The iOS system does not allow for such possibilities and blocks users for entering too deep, you can only access information mainly through the iTunes program.

With mobile gaming and applications in general becoming part of a person’s everyday life, you need to understand that you are also responsible for taking care of yourself. Connecting to open unsecured networks or public Wi-Fi, can cause you to leak information or even have your personal data stolen. While traveling with your mobile device it is highly recommended by the tech community to use a virtual private network to encrypt all the information going out of and into your mobile device. This can keep all the personal data that is stored on your hard drive safe; such as contacts, credit cards, and game data.

I hope you find some of these features useful and become an Android user, if you’re not one already. The iOS contains some unique and great features, but I would recommend the Android operating system to any tech savvy person or newbie to the mobile world.

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