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Android Lollipop Outdoes its Predecessors

by kaburulu

Android launched as an alternative to the processing system used by Apple. Apple devices, including the iPhone and iPad, use a proprietary system that is not compatible with the systems that use Android operating systems. Android has a habit of using cutesy names for each new operating system that it releases on the market. KitKat, named for the popular candy bar of the same name, took the world by storm when first introduced. Android hopes that its new Lollipop operating system will outdo KitKat with its various features and new functions.

No More Battery Guessing

Knowing how much time you had left on your battery was once a guessing game. While the old operating system would tell you how much battery power you had remaining, you had to guess as to how long it would last. You never knew quite when your phone would go from 15 percent battery power to automatically shutting down and turning itself off. You also had to take a guess as to how long it would take for your phone to charge. With the new Android Lollipop, the OS tells you how long your battery will last based on the charge you have remaining. It will also let you know how long it will take to bring your phone up to a full charge.

Lock Notifications

If you ever spend time around others, you know that it’s easy for someone to pick up your phone and see the notifications that you received. You also know that even when you lock your phone beforehand that your notifications still appear at the top of the screen. Lollipop lets you lock your notifications. When someone picks up your phone and glances at the screen, he or she won’t see which apps you use or what notifications you received.

Get the Info You Need

If you’re like most smartphone users, you probably have a handful of apps on your phone. Even though you may only use a few every day, you probably don’t want to delete or remove any apps in case you need one in the future. The notifications that you receive from those apps can annoy you throughout the day. Lollipop is the first Android OS that lets you decide which apps you want to receive notifications from on your phone or device. Only those notifications that you specifically select will come through.

Add Guests

No one really likes to hand over their phones to another person, but you’ll often find that you need to let your spouse, a coworker, a friend or even one of your children use your phone. According to Bobby Kotick, one of the best features of the Android OS is that you can create guest accounts. This lets you decide what others can and cannot access on your device. Unless that person has your specific password, he or she will not have full reign over your Android device.

Lollipop is the newest operating system from Android and will be available on devices coming out from different manufacturers in 2014 and 2015. This new OS offers more options and comes with more features than past systems. You can change your notifications, lock your notifications, add guest accounts to your device and keep track of your battery power on one of these devices.

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