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Choosing Android Games in a Sea of Options

by kaburulu

If you use an Android phone or tablet, chances are there are some times when you feel like a little light entertainment in the form of a good, fun game. Basic, casual games are one of the things tablets and smartphones do best, and so it is no surprise that developers have created thousands of interesting games you can choose from. Whether you like a sandbox style, word games, games you can play with friends or puzzles, you can find hundreds of Android games to suit your taste on just about any search. So how can you choose one that is going to entertain you and keep you interested?


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There is such a thing as having too much choice, and for many Android users this is now the case when it comes to games. You see so many available options that you just don’t know which to buy or download. Here are some tips for picking Android games quickly and easily:

Make Your Search Specific

When developers create and market Android games, they tend to think in terms of the keywords their potential new fans will search for. This means that the more specific your search is, the better. If you want a game that is a bit like Tetris, try entering that as one of your keywords when you search the app store. If you want a word game that works a bit like Boggle, try that. If you want logic puzzles in a similar vein to Sudoku, again, using this as one of your keywords will bring up anything where the programmers felt their product was similar enough to Sudoku to attract the same kind of users.

Use Reviews As Much As You Can

One great thing about the internet culture is that when people use things, they tend to leave reviews. While the Android store itself can show you some short, quick reviews of the products you are looking at, it is also worth frequenting an Android app review site where people have done a full write up about different games. If you want to know things like whether the game is all inclusive or if there are in app purchases to be made if you want to progress, or you just want to hear the opinion of someone who has spent some time testing the game, these sites can be a really good find. It is also usually worth reading the comments on reviews so you can see if other users agree with the writer’s opinion – in some cases reviews can be biased as they have been written by the people involved in the game’s development or marketing, so if a review is very positive, always have a look at what other people are saying.

Finding good Android games isn’t hard because of a dearth of choice, but instead because there are so many options, and not all of them are at the same standard. By searching in a smart way and reading reviews, you can easily find and choose only the best games for your device.

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