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How to get followers on Instagram for your fashion blog

by kaburulu
How to get followers on Instagram for your fashion blog

If you are a fashion blogger then Instagram is a perfect social platform to showcase your ideas through visual content. That’s why Instagram has more fashion & beauty related profiles than any other niche. Here you can build up a community and share your fashion and style tips with millions of people around the world. In this post, you can discover how to get IG followers if you are a fashion blogger.

How to get followers on Instagram for your fashion blog

Upload colorful and attractive photos

Photos are a vital element of fashion blogging. Although, every Instagrammer should post colorful photos if you are a fashion blogger bright and attractive color photos of clothes, shoes, and bags increase your post engagement. Create amazing and unique content that keep your viewer’s glue with your content as you see on fashion mags and other fashion blogs. The stimulating, creative and visually appealing photos are a most important factor when it comes to get followers on Instagram from this link and boost engagement.


Clarity is the name of crisp pictures with great quality when you define it in fashion blogging. Instagram is all about high-quality images. People always overlook the blurry photos on fashion pages when they can’t see the person or outfit behind the fuzz. In order to take good photos, don’t use a mobile phone for taking photos for Instagram, invest in a good DSLR camera.


Everyone love colors because they are lively and eye catchy. Use the bright background for taking the photo of your outfits. Alternatively, have a plain wall with a neon sign or light from a shop like Neon Mama behind you to really draw the eye! Pay special attention to the color tones. For autumn, purple, burgundy and yellow shades work well. Use the green, yellow, blue and pink for summer. On Instagram, a photo with blue color receive more engagement. You can make your picture more eye catchy and pop with editing tools like Photoshop.


Be creative because it keeps the things interesting and distinctive. Fascinate your viewers by taking photos from different angles using ring lights , different backdrops and props. All these things make your visuals more intriguing. You can also use editing tools and apps to make your photos more creative as other people do. But on Instagram, people love to see natural photos. For taking creative shots, you need to have hood photography skills. Use a mix of the natural and editing picture for your feed post.

Post content about the popular trends

There are millions of fashion bloggers on Instagram. Do some in-depth research and see what the popular trends are and what type of hashtags your competitors are using with their posts. Create a post about the popular trends and use some popular hashtags in this post. You may even look to buy IG likes to increase engagement further.

Post about celebrity style

Don’t forget to share the post about celebrity style because most of the women and girls dream to look like celebrities. They are looking to fashion bloggers for advice.

Share original content:

As a fashion blogger, don’t copy the content of other bloggers on your Instagram page. People will not follow you and will head on to the other fashion page on Instagram.

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