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Stay Ahead of the SMS Termination Game with Bulk SMS Android Apps

by kaburulu

Stay Ahead of the SMS Termination Game with Bulk SMS Android Apps

Telecommunications is a major budget concern for small businesses. Marketing and sales teams rely on efficient communication systems to attract new customers. Some companies decide to invest in specialized SMS termination solutions like the ones provided by iQsim.com to handle their own operations.

SMS termination

However, entrepreneurs and business owners can download Smartphones apps and handle a Bulk SMS strategy on the go. There are available free apps with plenty of features to cover SMS needs, so the only charges involved would be related to data plans.

SMS campaigns are usually part of a larger strategy, where marketing phone calls also play an important role. As it happens with SMS termination, there are professional call termination solution providers. But sometimes, while not so scalable, business owners rather use free applications to handle their phone calls. After all, monthly phone bills are particularly high for businesses with high outbound call traffic.

VoIP apps are low-cost solutions to make large amounts of phone calls without needing a regular carrier. Skype and other similar applications allow free calls among software users at much lower rates compared to traditional phone lines.

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution to reach existing and potential customers by SMS, here are some Android apps you should be trying:

1. BulkSMS Free

User rating: 3.6

This app runs in the background and sends you progress updates while working. You can program messages to be sent in the future to unlimited recipients. It also enables message personalization to make a lasting impression on readers.

2. Bulk SMS Sender

User rating: 3

One of the highlights of this app is that users can send bulk SMS to all addresses listed in a .txt or .xls file; not only providing SMS termination solutions, but also a more efficient texting process for marketing campaigns.

3. Bulk SMS Gateway

User rating: 2.8

As you can probably tell by its name, this app aims at a comprehensive SMS termination for all business tasks. It lets users handle both outbound and incoming messages. It also allows further control of app activity, which can be started and stopped at preset times.

4. SwiftSMS Blast

User rating: 2.5

This is a user-friendly app that allows multiple campaigns to be handled from a single device. It imports contacts from the phone list or a csv file. Users have full control of sending process and campaign running times. The app can be integrated into social media profiles to share user activity.

Use your Smartphone as a tool to reach your target audience and don’t let SMS termination or call termination rates stand in the way. Share your bulk SMS experiences with us, do you think they work? Comment below!

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