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Things To Know Before Purchasing CaliPile Sensors

by kaburulu

Calipile is the newest innovation in the field of thermal IR sensing. CaliPile is a highly intelligent and multifunctional thermal infrared sensor. Thermal Infrared or IR sensors measure the land surface temperature with the help of the latest technology that uses quantum physics to help in detecting heat. Thermal IR sensors generally use infrared energy to be the source of heat. The new technology, that is, CaliPile, is one of its kind. There are several models in this category, including tpis 1t 1086 l55 calipile sensor, TPiS 1S 1385 CaliPile Sensor SMD, TPiS 1T 1252B DigiPile Sensor, and more.

The calpile sensor ( TPiS 1T 1086 L5.5) is a whole new generation of smart and intelligent IR sensors. It is highly capable of detecting motion, and it helps in monitoring the presence and in the measurement of temperature, all of this available in just one single sensor. The tpis 1t 1086 I55 calipile sensor features a thermopile sensor chip connected to the internal circuit with integral Lens options. As a result, this model is highly effective and a multi-functioning sensor with an extensive range.

Based upon the Thermopile technology, the CaliPile delivers unmatched multi-functional sensing. It continues the tradition of the constant drive to innovation and digitization.

Application of CaliPile Sensor: 

CaliPile Sensors’ applications include temperature measurements through zero contact, presence detection for a short-range, and protection from overheating. It also detects motion and is a passive light barrier when it comes to people counting. In addition, these sensors receive standardized information that helps in supporting temperature-related output and processing.

These sensors can also work without the need for additional lenses because of their integrated filter. The product can be set into either of the three major operating systems, and each of these systems can be set into an individual use to help achieve standard operations.

The tpis 1t 1086 l55 calipile sensor represents the CaliPile infrared sensor series.

This model is modified for temperatures that range up to 350°C; higher temperatures than this are available optionally. It consists of an interrupt function that will alert the user when the temperature level has been exceeded. Hence, users can use the highest temperature as a trigger level.

The TPiS 1T 1086 L5.5 also features a compact field view with isothermal packaging, leading to fast adaptation to the changing temperature. The technology used, consisting mainly of a high Thermopile and smart data, allows the sensor to perform much more than just temperature measurement. The output can also be used to note the fast changes in the temperature and the over-temperature of certain objects.

One application is temperature monitoring that comes with a typical feature of a security switch that detects an over – temperature. The parameters help calculate the temperature. Meanwhile, the over-temperature is recognized through a sensor itself by being monitored constantly.

Features of Calpile TPiS 1086 L.55 Sensor: 

  • It has ISOthermal packaging.
  • It has a 5° field of view with high sensitivity Thermopile
  • It has an l2C interface and has hardware set up.
  • Standardized data to help in temperature sensing.
  • Alert function for motion, presence, high temperature, and more.

The CalPile sensors come in a sponge packaging system. This sponge packaging system helps in protecting the product from any damage, be it mechanical or electrical. This is specially designed for manual unloading of the product. The sponges are protected against ESD. One hundred parts are filled in one box, and all the labels are also placed on the box.


Overall, the CalPile Series allows one to explore the multidimensional parameters while keeping an eye on the results. They provide various models suited for medium distance human detection, short-range and low cost sensor models. The calpile Series helps the users to enable individual functions. Depending on the model you choose, the sensor is curated to range up to 200°C. All the models have the typical features available. This series is ideally suited for smart home products as well as IoT, lighting and printer sensing, and lastly, the thermal IR detection industry. These are some things to remember when you are purchasing Calipile sensors. Also, don’t forget to check the features and specifications thoroughly before making an investment in Calipile sensors.

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