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How to transfer WhatsApp files from phone to phone freely

by kaburulu

Only a few smartphone companies may assist you in transferring contacts, whether you’re upgrading to the latest model or switching to a different operating system or carrier. You will have to find out how to deal with the other files and data on your own. Mobile Trans is the ideal tool for making the transfer procedure as simple as possible. You may able to transfer any type of material and files desktop to your mobiles as well as mobile to desktop and transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to android

Wutsapper provides the finest and simplest method of transferring the application’s data, transporting everything needed, including settings, preferences, pictures and whatsapp android to iphone. This is true even when switching from Android to iPhone, both of which have their own languages and protocols that may prevent this from entirely occurring. 

Transfer WhatsApp files phone to phone freely

Data transmission across devices is considerably simpler than you would believe. MobileTrans WhatsApp Transfer is an all-in-one solution for transferring data between mobile devices and PCs. You can download this Mobile Trans from the google play store. 

On Wutsapper, switching from one device to another is simple, and users simply need to follow the prompts after starting the app on either device. The essential need is that users have WhatsApp installed on the destination phone and the Wutsapper software installed on the Android phone.

Transferring data from an Android phone to an iPhone

  • From the Google Play Store, you can download this wonder share Wutsapper which can help you to WhatsApp android to iphone.
  • Use a Lightning to USB-C cable, USB Type B, or OTG USB connection to connect both devices.
  • Continue to the following prompt when the Android device has finished backing up WhatsApp.
  • To convert Android to iPhone, go to the next step and click Start.

From iPhone to an Android

  • From the Google Play Store, get wutsapper Android will contain the transferring app despite coming from iOS. You can easily transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to android
  • Select iOS to Android Transfer.
  • To transfer the backup file from iOS to Android, select Copy.
  • Allow the Android device to unpack the file and convert it to the new platform after it has been transferred Wutsapper would restore the WhatsApp to the Android phone
  • After that, you may use WhatsApp on your Android phone.

Pricing for Wutsapper

Wutsapper is a free app, however it requires membership before it can transmit complete information from one phone to another and vice versa. When you pay for a subscription, you get limitless transfers and smooth service.

Why install wutsapper to easy transfer?

When people read about reviews, the first thing that comes to mind is that it will have another programme to download. And if you are one of those people who despises installing apps on their device and having them take up space or clutter it, it may be irritating, especially if the app is useless.

The Wutsapper seems to have a rather easy interface to use and operate with at first sight, which is a positive thing in today’s software market. Other applications would highlight minimalism, while others would be too colourful, and the majority of them would tend toward complexity and personalization, which might be difficult to handle and navigate through.

The Wutsapper has aided in the transfer of WhatsApp android to iPhone, as well as vice versa. After the switch, WhatsApp on iPhone enabled work to be done quickly. 

Try Wutsapper and mobile transfer one device to another 

Are you ready to begin? Both MobileTrans and Wutsapper are available for free download and provide a free trial that allows you to try out a few basic functions to determine whether either app is appropriate for you.

MobileTrans is available for purchase for and MobileTrans is also available as a lifetime licence. There’s also a 7-day money-back guarantee, so you may get a return if you’re not happy within that time frame.

The first 50 WhatsApp messages you move from one device to another are absolutely free with Wutsapper. Following that, you will be offered to purchase an annual subscription that is now reduced for a short time. As a result, it has grown in popularity among the public. With Wutsapper you can easily transfer whatsapp from iphone to android.

Why Wutsapper better than others?

Wutsapper is completely safe and performs a direct data transfer with no intermediate storage. Wutsapper is also incredibly simple to use and does not require root or jailbreak access on any device.

To backup, your WhatsApp data on your Android phone, click Chats Backup and then Completed to proceed to the next step. Using a USB OTG adapter, connect your Android phone and iPhone and approve it. Wutsapper will automatically recognise your backup file, download it, and parse the data. With this you can transfer whatsapp from android to iphone.

You can install wutsapper from Google play store.,

Bottom lines 

The ability to transfer chat history from one operating system to another is one of the many advantages of using the above apps. Install the best one based on your needs and requirements to get better solutions.

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