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What is Order To Cash Software ?

by kaburulu

What is Order To Cash Software

Emagia delivers order to cash software that automates operations for global finance, F&A shared services, and BPO organizations. Powered by the Emagia AI platform, the Emagia Order To Cash Software leverages automation, analytics, and AI to provide digital credit, digital receivables, digital collections, digital deductions, digital cash flow forecasting, digital cash application, and digital billing and payments.

Scale up your order-to-cash operations for exponential growth as you reduce your operational costs and increase profitability using Emagia AI-driven Order-to-Cash (O2C) Analytics. The solution empowers finance executives with proactive, actionable insight required to maximize cash flow and transform the O2C cycle using intelligent recommendations.

Emagia’s Order-to-Cash (O2C) addresses the growing complexity of AR management by simplifying and streamlining everyday workflow for AR professionals. The solution accelerates revenue cycles, lowers credit risk and maximizes the financial performance by driving efficiency and intelligence in finance operations.

Accounts Receivable Management Software
Intelligent Accounts Receivable Management Software is the need of the hour. Emagia’s AI-powered Accounts Receivable Management software comes with intelligent automation tools that replace up to 90% of the manual activities, help businesses gain better visibility and speedily respond to market changes.

Emagia’s AR management software provides a single view across multiple business entities including AR amounts, aging, DSO, credit utilization, payments, disputes, credits, customer payment, behavior prediction, and all related information. The AI-powered solution simplifies workflows for AR processionals, boosting “touchless” collections with digital assistants, automating dispute resolution, and enhancing the overall customer experience. Global enterprises such as Unisys, ConvaTec, Meredith use Emagia’s AR Management software. 

Accounts receivable turnover, or A/R turnover, is calculated with the aid of dividing a firm’s sales via its debt’s receivable. It is a degree of ways ar turnover ratio efficaciously a organization is capable of collect on the credit score it extends to customers. A firm that is excellent at accumulating on its credit will have a better debts receivable turnover ratio. It is likewise crucial to evaluate a firm’s ratio with that of its friends inside the enterprise to gauge whether or not its ratio is on par with its industry.

Inventory turnover is a measure of how efficaciously a agency turns its inventory into income. It is calculated through taking the price of goods offered (COGS) and dividing it by way of common stock. Sometimes income is used rather than COGS. Again, a higher variety is better as it suggests that an enterprise is pretty efficient at selling off its inventory more regularly instead of having to store it for longer intervals of time because its merchandise are not selling.

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