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Why Linkedin is a Best Marketing Platform for B2B Sales

by kaburulu

Out of all the social media platforms available today, LinkedIn has proven to be the most useful for a number of companies looking to boost b2b sales. Since the entire basis of the platform is around connecting people through professional means, you won’t have to sift through lots of personal data to get the info you need.

1.The info is all right there

Let’s say you provide a service that you know local HR managers would love to use, if they knew about it! Rather than having to call every local company asking for the names of their representatives, you can do a search for all related positions, and will get a number of profiles of prospective buyers.

This is why LinkedIn prospecting has become such as appealing form of locating potential sales leads, and it can be done in a fraction of the time that this kind of research used to take.

  1. It has proven effective

Recent studies have shown that LinkedIn generates over 80% of all b2b leads developed through social media avenues. Clearly this is far beyond any of the other available platforms. Obviously, this is due to LinkedIn’s focus on business rather than personal aspects, as people are using the platform to connect over professional topics.

  1. It gives you a platform

While a LinkedIn profile or business page can give potential customers all of your vital professional information as well as recommendations from others, there has been a recent move to using LinkedIn as a publishing source.

These days every industry expert has a blog, designed as a way to promote information and to attract people from all over the world to visit a website or informational source.

LinkedIn consolidates this entire process, by allowing users to publish blogs, which are then seen in user’s feeds and are promoted across the site. For those who are unsure of blogging technology, this is an easy way to get started, and for those who have a minimal web presence, your profile can serve as a webpage with your information.

  1. They want to encourage you

It is no secret that LinkedIn has become incredibly popular for b2b sales networks, and they are taking full advantage of that by implementing new tools that allow businesses to track the effectiveness of their campaigns and increase outreach to a larger audience.

They have begin streamlining feeds to curate content that is specifically of interest to users, so the more complete your profile is and the more connections you have, the better the chance of having your content seen.

LinkedIn is also integrating sales pipeline features and indexes about your social sales strength, which is incredibly useful in targeting new markets and understanding where your previous efforts have gotten you.

  1. They’ll keep coming back

LinkedIn has one of the highest retention rates of all social media, meaning that users rarely delete accounts and hardly, if ever, delete connections. This has a distinct advantage over other platforms, and makes sure that you stay connected with customers for life.

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