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Tips for Downloading Mobile Security apps on your Droid

by kaburulu

While Android is a safe OS, there are some loopholes and coding exploits that android spy apps like mobistealth  can use to get your information. This is especially true if you don’t understand how some of Android’s features can be used against you. Many people are now downloading mobile security apps like Mobistealth to keep their devices free of viruses and malware, but you should know what to look for and how to download these apps before getting one.

Security Apps
Google Play Store
If you look online, then you can easily find a number of Android security apps that you can download from your desktop or directly through the browser. Most of these apps are also free, which makes them quite enticing. Though they might seem great, and they might claim to have a number of useful features, you should never download a security app outside of the Google Play Store.

Many hackers will make fake apps and upload them to certain websites. If you happen to download and install one of these apps, then you might be adding viruses and spy apps directly to your device. Always look for and download apps through the Google Play Store. You can read reviews on other websites, but only trust the official app marketplace when downloading apps.

Understand Pricing
You will find a number of inexpensive and free security apps when looking through the Google Play Store. Some of these apps really are free or inexpensive, but you have to understand how security apps are priced. This is one the fee to download the app. Many of them have a subscription fee.

You might have to pay a monthly or yearly fee to ensure that the app is functional. Failing to do this can give you a benign app, or you may be unable to upgrade the app so that it’s ready to handle modern viruses and malware. Don’t have your heart set on a certain security app until you know how much it really costs.

Made for Smartphones
Android is very different from desktop operating systems like OSX and Windows. You have to worry about permissions whenever you download apps, spammy text messages and various other threats that only afflict smartphones and tablets. The problem with some Android security apps is that they are only a clone of their desktop software. You’ll get all of the basic features like virus protection and email filtering, but you won’t get any features that are specifically needed for smartphones and tablets.

If you really want the best security, then look for a security app that’s built for Android. Many apps claim this, but you’ll quickly be able to tell the difference when you check the list of features. If you don’t see anything that is specifically for Android, then you might want to consider looking for another app.

There’s nothing wrong with desktop clones, but they may not be the best for your Android device.

Laptops have much bigger batteries than smartphones and tablets, and desktops are always plugged into the wall. This means that antivirus programs won’t drain them too much. A good Android security app will be lightweight and easy to use. It should run in the background so that it can find viruses whenever they try to assault your device, but they shouldn’t significantly drain your battery.

Virus Blocking and Removal
The majority of good antivirus apps and programs are tested to see how well they block and remove viruses and spy apps. A good program should be able to stop at least 97 percent of viruses, but there are many that stop 99 to 100 percent of them.

Check these third-party reviews to see if the security app is useful. There’s no point in downloading an app if it can’t protect you. You might also be surprised to know that some free apps are among the most efficient. You don’t always have to pay a massive amount of money for good protection.
Downloading an Android security app is a little trickier than getting one for your desktop or laptop. Mobile technology is fairly new, and there are many threats that antivirus providers aren’t prepared for. If you get a good app that’s specifically made for Android’s needs, then you should be fine.

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