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4 Apps for Monitoring and Trading Stocks

by kaburulu

If you are a stock trader, have just started to buy bitcoin with Independent Reserve, or are simply a person that is trying to better understand their personal finance situation, you know how important it is to consistently monitor and trade stocks and accounts throughout every day. After all, this is really the only way to keep a close eye on your money and your investments, as well as take quick action whenever necessary to avoid losing money. Plus, if you are looking to branch out and add things like cryptocurrency to your portfolio, you will need to research things like Commsec Bitcoin so that you can learn more about where you will be able to buy your currencies ready to trade and what to expect when it comes to the buying process. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps available that help you stay on top of the stock market and your online checking account no matter where you are.



Monitoring the stock market involves staying on top of the latest news, trends, and insights from investment and trading experts. With the MarketWatch app, which is created by Dow Jones & Co., helps you do just that. You will receive up-to-the-minute news and commentary, as well as personal finance tips and information and investment data and tools. You’ll have access to headlines, market briefs, and videos from ten bureaus in the United States, Asia, and Europe. All of this information will help you make the best investment decisions to watch your money grow.


The Morningstar app gives you everything that you love about Morningstar.com in a convenient take-anywhere format on your device. Providing insights and independent research, this app will give you what you need to trade intelligently. You’ll gain access to investment data that covers mutual funds, CEFs, ETFs, and stocks, along with personalised portfolio tracking tools to closely monitor your specific stocks.

anyoption – Binary Options

One of the most popular apps in the world of binary options trading, in particular, is anyoption – Binary Options. This app lets you trade binary options wherever you are and whenever you want, right on your Android device. Its regulated binary option trading platform is advanced and helps you earn up to 81% per trade. If you want to make trading binary options easier than ever, this app is an ideal choice, even if you do not have a lot of prior experience in this type of trading. So go ahead and trade with confidence.

Stock Quote

Stock Quote is a great little Android app that allows you to track stocks daily, much like Google Finance does, but with a different interface. Simply launch the app to gain immediate access to indexes and any stocks that you would like to follow. Both the indexes and the stocks themselves are customisable so you can really make this app work for your particular trading needs. Tracking your stocks will help you make important sales whenever necessary, but this app goes a step further and allows you to find information on other successful stocks as well so that you can buy wisely too.

Finding the App That’s Right for You

These are just four of the many Android apps available that are designed for monitoring and trading stocks. Of course, your particular trading habits and needs will determine which app is best for you, but you may choose to use more than one app as well. Ultimately, the apps you use should make trading easier by giving you daily insights into market trends.

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