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8 Ways to Print from Your Mobile

by kaburulu

How often do you do work while on the go with your tablet or smart phone? Mobile devices are becoming more and more popular for remote workers and many people are in the habit of responding to emails, receiving and reading documents and performing other work tasks on their phones or tablets. If you ever work from someplace other than your office desk, being able to print remotely can be very convenient and can save you a lot of time and hassle.

There are a number of handy mobile apps available that will allow users to print anywhere from almost any device. This interesting infographic from the folks at Stinky Ink showcases some of the best available features and apps available out there – so click the link and check it out!

For example, there is PrintCentral Pro, which is a paid app that allows you to convert any web page, email, office document or attachment into a PDF file and print it remotely over your 3G network. There are also apps that are specific to each printer brand, such as Samsung Mobile Print which is free and works with any Samsung printer.

Take a look through the range of different printing apps – this infographic displays then all in an easy to understand format – and choose the right app for the needs of your mobile device and printer. Once you find the app for you, there will be many benefits to being able to print on the go from anywhere.


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