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5 Ways to Get More Downloads for Your Android App

by kaburulu
5 Ways to Get More Downloads for Your Android App

Users are always looking for the best apps. But it’s not easy to choose the right one among so many similar products. So, how do you make sure your great app stands out from the crowd and get the downloads it needs? Try these 5 solutions.

5 Ways to Get More Downloads for Your Android App

#1 Do Your Keyword Research
Users will not download your app if they cannot find it. Therefore, visibility on Google Play is super important in order to increase the download rate of your app. Because of this, it’s worth spending time doing solid keyword research. But what keywords to go for?

Surprisingly, you want to be using “longtail” keywords related to your app. This is because it’s very hard to come up trumps if using “head”/the most popular and obvious keywords. Going for “longtail” keywords means it’s easier to rank higher on more specific searches. This is good because people who are looking for something more specific are more likely to download an app when performing a more nuanced search. They’re less likely to do so than when they’re searching for something more general.

There are many ways to find the right keywords: from browsing the auto-fill searches to using web tools that specialize in researching popular keywords. Whether you decide to choose a cheaper or more expensive option, do your research fairly. Its results translate directly into the traffic your application generates from searches.

#2 Ask For More Positive Reviews
Positive reviews are a beacon for users. They’re far more willing to download an application if it has plenty of positive comments and ratings.

But how do you get more positive ratings on your app’s store page?

You can use push notifications or in-app pop-ups to encourage users to leave a review and a rating. This works well, providing you’re not too pushy. So, don’t ask too often and too intrusively, or you’ll risk getting more negative reviews as a result.

Of course, a small amount of negative feedback will not do you any harm. It’s impossible to avoid a few negative comments as your application becomes more and more popular. Users download your application with specific expectations and you can’t meet all of them. However, if you do it right, you can limit the number of negative comments and even turn them into benefits.

How to benefit from negative comments?

Show that you care about the opinion of your users. Make the effort to respond to all the negative comments and use this opportunity to increase your credibility and inform the users about the incoming changes. In this way, they will feel respected and they may even change their rating. One more thing, avoid using template responses at any cost. Users will feel disregarded instead of being heard.

#3 Conduct A/B Testing On Your Store Page
If you think your Google Play page is perfect, think again. There are always plenty of little adjustments that can be made to your page that you can make to increase the number of downloads.

However, you need to find out which adjustments work best. You can do this by conducting A/B testing of your app’s store page.

A/B testing is where 50% of users who view your page see one version of the page (A), and 50% see a different one with a particular element changed (B). Then, you can look to see which version got the most downloads and make the changes to your page accordingly.

It’s important to test a single element/change at a time. Having too many differences during A/B testing makes it’s difficult to accurately determine what changes you need to make to get more downloads for your app.

#4 Engage in Social Media
Don’t be afraid to go beyond the Google Play framework. Using social media will drive even more traffic to your app, because, let’s face it, who doesn’t use social media these days! Being active and successful on social media can mean a lot of great exposure for your application.

However, bear in mind that if you are going to create an effective social media presence, you need to ensure you have plenty of time to regularly post engaging and high-quality posts. By doing so, you might even hit the jackpot of having your app trend or even going viral. An example of such situation is Listonic, a smart shopping list app , which became famous for publishing good quality articles.

If you have time to build your social media business, start with solid research on when is the best time to post, what is the best kind of content, and how to choose the right audience. These three questions will help you avoid the basic mistake: publishing at random.

#5 Reach Out To Influencers
If you don’t have time to get involved in posting on social media, you can use a different method of promoting your application on various portals. Reach out for help from influencers. The main advantage of using their services is that they build trust and bring recognition to your application due to the more personal nature of their work. Very often, users are more inclined to trust their opinion than the brand itself.

However, you must take into account that their services are not free of charge. Small apps may not be able to afford them.

Author BIO: Filip Jędraszczyk  is a blogger and content writer at Listonic .

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