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Mathematically App for Android : Best Educational App

by kaburulu


Mathematically  was developed by  Riccardo Fontanini , a young electrical engineering student. The boy, as the first Android app, has decided to launch a career based on Mathematics, in fact, his name is ” mathematically “.

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If you still have doubts on this subject, much hated by many, its title might give you a real hand. Basically, the app allows you to learn the concepts, rules and theorems that are usually taught during the course of the schools, colleges and even at the beginning of the university .

Mathematically 1

Fast application and essential to look for formulas or theorems of basic math. Presents a general section will explain in broad terms the most important theorems and formulas of the following key topics:

– Plane Geometry
– Solid Geometry
– Fundamental theorems of geometry
– Straight
– Circumference
– Parabola
– Ellipse
– Hyperbole
– Trigonometric functions
– Trigonometry
– Complex Numbers
– Derivatives
– Integrals

If you want to learn more mathematics, the application designed by Riccardo Fontanini might help. This is not a charge, but it’ll have to spend € 0.79 .


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