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Anti-Theft Lockwatch App for Android : Review

by kaburulu


The privacy is the first and foremost thing. The Android smartphone contains data, information and many other content that could be very personal. Are you intrested to wish that others would read your SMS or beware of your photos?? To solve the stage does not have to do is set a lock screen that will stop any person who wants access to the terminal without approval.

Lockwatch Anti-Theft will keep you up to date and also give you useful info even if some hacker will try to take away your device. This application  e-mails you with a photo and GPS location whenever someone tries to unlock your phone with the wrong code. Find out if someone is trying to unlock your phone or locate the thief that has stolen it. In this case, your smartphone will be safe, but you will not discover if someone has ever tried to get your affairs.



• Takes a photo of the intruder using the front camera when the wrong unlock code is entered.
• Determines the phone location using GPS and WiFi so you can locate the thief.
• Immediately e-mails you with a photo and GPS location in case the phone is switched off.
• Completely silent and invisible operation. No warnings are shown to the thief.(The GPS icon may appear but does not identify our app.)
• No need for a 3rd party lock screen. We use the lock screen built into Android.
• Little to no impact on your battery. The app runs only when the wrong code is entered.

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You must deactivate the app by dragging the switch to Off. Alternatively, remove the app from Device Administrators (under Android Settings, Security).


Find and track your stolen phone with our anti-theft app. It alerts you when a thief has stolen your phone, tracks your phone using GPS to help you find your stolen phone, or locates your phone if a thief is trying to unlock it with the wrong password. Other anti-theft apps such as Gotya, Anti Droid Theft and iGotYa will not e-mail you with the thief that has stolen your phone.

We tried Lockwatch Anti-Theft and can confirm that its operation is fast and satisfying. You can download the application for free from Google Play.


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