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Which Bluetooth Headphones Are Best for Gaming

by kaburulu

Do you like to play racing games? Shooters? Puzzle games? When you’re gaming on the go, you don’t want to sacrifice awesome sound quality. A good pair of Bluetooth headphones can transport you out of reality and into virtual reality. When you want to upgrade your Android gaming experience, consider purchasing one of the following pairs of headphones.

Bose QuietComfort 35

Image via Flickr by mjp_pix

These noise-cancelling beauties are among the best Bluetooth headphones on the market. The QuietComfort 35 is the big sister of the QuietComfort 25, which is a wired version of the same pair of headphones. They’re super comfortable, and the battery lasts for close to 20 hours in a single charge. Plus, you can fold up your pair of headphones and tuck them neatly into your pocket or your backpack.

The sound-equalizing technology will provide a fantastic listening experience whether you crank up the volume for your gaming action or you want to keep the volume low.

The biggest drawback with these headphones is the price. They’re more expensive than many other pairs of Bluetooth headphones, but the noise-cancelling experience, crisp sound quality, and comfortable fit make them worth the cost. Luckily, you can save money if you get these with a Bose coupon code found online.

Beats Studio Wireless

Like the Bose QuietComfort 35, these over-the-ear headphones from Beats offer active noise-cancelling technology that will make it easy for you to ignore the world around you and get immersed in your game. They’re also super comfortable, with a sturdy design that you can take with you anywhere. On a single battery charge, you can listen for up to 12 hours.

You can choose from six colors — white, blue, red, titanium, and black (matte or glossy)  — so you can express your style when you’re gaming. They are easy to fold up, and they come with a convenient carrying case.

You’ll love the versatility of these headphones. They come with a cord for wired listening, so you can spare the headphones’ battery when you take your gaming from your phone to your computer. They also have a microphone that you can use when you get phone calls.

Bose QuietControl 30

Over-the-ear headphones are fantastic, but sometimes you want something that is a little more compact. The Bose QuietControl 30 headphones are an in-ear model that has great wireless connectivity and noise-cancelling technology. However, the noise-cancelling isn’t as effective as it is with some over-the-ear headphones.

These are a neckband-style set; a horseshoe-shaped contraption wraps around your neck, and wires connect the headphones to the neckband. These help ensure you won’t lose track of your little earbuds.

You can use these for more than just gaming; the earbuds stay put, and the neckband is resistant to sweat, making these headphones as great in the gym as they are when you’re taking down the bad guys on your favorite game.

The biggest drawback with QuietControl 30 is that they don’t have a wired option, so you’ll always have to use them with objects that have Bluetooth capability, such as a high-quality smartphone or your car’s sound system.

SkullCandy Method Wireless

If you want to spend less than $100 on a good pair of Bluetooth headphones, check out the SkullCandy Method Wireless. This neckband-style pair of in-ear headphones delivers reasonable sound quality that features great bass. They have a secure and comfortable fit. The battery life is roughly nine hours, depending on the volume level, so these should get you through a long weekend day of gaming.

Method Wireless headphones are available in three colors — black, navy blue, or white — and you can personalize further when you use colorful ear tips. Like the Bose QuietControl 30, these headphones can also double as your companion at the gym or on the track.

The downside to the Method Wireless is that they don’t have a noise-cancelling feature, so they aren’t the best option if you plan on gaming in crowded areas.

You want to optimize every aspect of your gaming, from the picture quality to the sound. A pair of high-quality Bluetooth headphones can truly take your gaming to the next level. The above-listed pairs are some of the best on the market.

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