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What’s new in Android 5.1 Lollipop

by kaburulu


Android knows it well on how to make the users happier. The very popular Android Lollipop brings some really good news for its users. There is a lot of exciting available this time with the Android 5.1. Hence, without making any further delay let’s have a look at the hottest tweaks this time.

Changes with System Volume, offered cool look:

You can now find the options like Priority Mode, or No Interruption Mode within selection window. It helps the beginners with the platform to get exactly the purpose of the options when those appear at the status.

No Interruption Mode is now still going to offer notifications and notification indicator still pops-up. Well, through the process Android brings an alternate for silent mode.

However, the only complaint that stays intact is that alarms still are not getting quiet. Hence, you have to go for making a Priority mode. Here, everything else stays calm other than the alarms.

It brings with the option of getting in to the system volume at the same time you watch a flick, enjoy your favourite tune, etc. You just need to tap the bell option at right, and there comes the system volume available for you instead of the player volume. This Android 5.1 is much more attractive through the animating works.

Quick Settings has been made the most interesting:  

It meets a few tweaks with Quick Settings. The latest upgrade enables users to link with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth products, and you don’t even need to visit the settings. You just tap the arrow and everything’s i available for you.

Revamped Screen Pinning, changes with Contacts app:

You can lock a person for a specific application through Screen Pinning. You can find it within Security in settings. Through the latest update Android tells you the keys you need to tap to exit from the screen pinning mode upon pinning in an application. It just adds the extra flexibility with the feature.

Some changes have been introduced with Contacts app as well. Contact images are no more possible from Google+ pictures.

In addition [update]:

  • Upon finding the heads-up appearing at the top (and it can be tapped), you can have the chance to disappear the notification. However, it stays there with the notification slink for your future reference.
  • Now NuPlayer is the basic player for your Android through this latest upgrade.
  • Great to see is that this time you are made available with a Device Protection mode. This is such a handy spec that makes your product locked ensuring better protection of the device from illegal entries or bugs.
  • However, the fortunate owners of Nexus 6/9 can get a chance to play with it. Apart from this, HD Voice Calling has been added as well. Products over attuned carrier networks those can deal well with HD Voice can get a chance to enjoy the spec. It is here to mention that this one works fine with Nexus 6 as well.
  • Dual-SIM support is now baked right into the OS.
  • Reportedly, about fourteen thousand impressive revamps, fixes, etc have been introduced with the Android 5.1, and have enhanced the entire process starting from power to operation.

Areas those are still expected to be finetuned:

The expectations are always at the peak from the fans for their favourite Android. Same is the case this time as well. Line up of tweaks is still on for the platform.

They still are waiting for a mute mode at its best. The product should not vibrate when the notifications hit. As it has been pointed out above, the alarm should be perfectly silent on these occasions as well. In addition, rebooting is something fans want as well.


Finally, all it can be said that the latest upgrade is satisfactory enough in many ways. In fact, things are overwhelming of you are particularly an owner of Nexus 6, or Nexus 9.  Apart from this, the Nexus 5 experience gets a lot enhanced through the process as well. The best part is that you can have a much enhanced interface this time with your device than anything else.

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