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by kaburulu

Online games are definitely a great escape when you are bored. Whether you are traveling, waiting for someone, or have nothing to do, you can always play smartphone games. All sorts of game apps can be found on the Play Store, but you should choose the one you think is best for your child. 

There are even games that involve violence and are not recommended for kids under the age of 12. Some games are not just for fun purposes, as they can also improve your child’s certain skills.

When it comes to games, the first thing which makes parents reluctant is the violence involved in them. No doubt, it’s true that many games aren’t right for kids below 12, but it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be given access to play any game at all. 

There are several games that can enhance your child’s thinking ability. You can even leave your young ones alone to have a joyful time while playing these kinds of games. 

So, which game is best for your kid? Continue reading this post, as you will get to know everything about the best game for kids.

Spot The Difference – The Best Mobile Game for Your Child

Puzzles, brainteasers, crosswords are interesting games that you can introduce to your child at an early age. If you remember, these are the games found in magazines and books where you have to find the difference in two or more images. This finding difference game has become digital and can be found even in mobile apps.

This Spot the Difference Play Store game consists of two pictures that almost resemble each other at first glance. You are then asked to find certain differences between the two. The game is designed to help your child concentrate, think, and learn to observe little details.

The game has different levels of difficulty. Even adults would enjoy playing spot the difference. The simplest ones have bigger images with noticeable differences, for instance, the absence of a vase or a change in color of a cushion. As the difficulty level increases, the grown-ups would also find it hard to detect all differences. The most difficult level comes with a huge amount of details, which is, of course, extremely hard to identify. 

Features of Spot the Difference Play Store App

Spot the difference is a carefully designed and polished game that comes with advanced graphics. You will come across a high-quality selection of images, scenery, enticing food, and cute pets that will not let you stop playing.

If you want to test your difference spotting and puzzle-solving skills, then you can even choose to opt for up to 300 interesting differences in puzzle levels. You can use the hint option if you are stuck and cannot find any more differences.

The game is completely free, and you can play anywhere you are. If you pause the game, the app will automatically save the progress. The next time you start playing, you will resume from where you had left earlier.

Benefits of playing Spot the Difference

Playing games should not always be seen as a bad habit by parents. Computer and mobile games offer tons of benefits that we will unveil in the article. However, excessive usage may have an adverse effect than a positive one. Let’s look into the top benefits of playing spot the difference game.

  •       Problem-Solving Skills

You will find a challenge at the start of every game. Games involving puzzles, mysteries, finding differences like spot the difference offer kids the chance to take on a problem and work to find a solution.

According to recent research, you can improve in two main areas, planning, and flexible thinking, by playing find the difference games. These are basically ‘train the brain’ games that even help the kid to improve real-world skills like observing power.

  •       Improve Brain Function

Spot the difference is a great way to challenge the brain and prevent memory problems. Kids often learn a task better when it is fun. Spot the difference games helps to stimulate your imagination and improve brain function. For adults, it is a great way to ward off stress and depression.

  •       Games Can Heal Emotional Stress

As adults, your work routine and personal life can bring lots of stress. Coming home from a tiring day at the office can have a negative impact on your mind. To improve your emotional health, you need a distraction. Spot the difference is a perfect way to get rid of everyday stress and evil thoughts. The game can replace negative beliefs with position actions.


Put your thinking cap on and install Spot the Difference today! The game is certainly easy to play but tough to master! Spot the difference game is the ultimate option for playing interactive games for both children and adults.

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