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eCommerce for Android: Platforms, Plugins, and Tools to Help You Get Started

by kaburulu

Staying ahead of the game in today’s marketplace involves a broad array of strategies, not the least of which is making online purchasing available to your customers. If your business doesn’t already offer ecommerce options for mobile users, you could be missing out on a great number of potential transactions. Since many mobile users prefer Android devices, you may want to explore the tools offered by the some of the top platforms that enable Android users to make ecommerce purchases.


WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that specifically benefits WordPress users. If you’ve been using WordPress to build your website, then this will likely be a good fit for your needs. WooCommerce offers website owners a great deal of flexibility in terms of custom-coding the checkout process and making ongoing changes. If you know that you will be implementing changes to your purchasing model on a continuous basis (in order to best meet the expectations of your mobile customers), then the WooCommerce plugin could be a great tool for implementing your ecommerce goals.

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The Shopify platform has gotten a lot of attention, which is probably due to its effective business model and relevant features for ecommerce customers. The ease of use that this platform offers is a major selling point; by simply adding a Buy button to your site via Shopify, you may begin the process of enabling Android users to make purchases on your website. Other key benefits of Shopify include the ability to email receipts to your customers, let Twitter do the footwork for you when dealing with customers who use Twitter, and sell your products through the Facebook site. Since innumerable Android users may prefer to make purchases via their social media sites of choice, these features could make Shopify a solid option for your business.


When Bigcommerce was created a few years ago, the timing was perfect for such a startup. This platform allows businesses to create online stores and customize features to meet their needs (such as accommodating the preferences of Android users). Bigcommerce is another site that provides users with a quick and easy setup. This platform enables you to fully set up an ecommerce site that is entirely functional, so it’s a viable choice if you want to get started fast. You can add as many products as you wish to, and the software comes equipped with popular features such as displayed reviews (which could aid Android users in making faster buying decisions on your website).

You may find a wealth of plugins and platforms that will help you to create ecommerce features to benefit your customers on their Android devices. The ones described here are some of the most popular – because they are able to provide businesses with the tools mentioned above for getting started in ecommerce functionality. If you’re uncertain about which ecommerce features might best accommodate your mobile customers, you may want to contact an industry professional for more information.

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