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Did You Know That You Can Make Money With Minecraft?

by kaburulu


Nowadays, the gaming industry is huge. You can make money by playing almost online game that you love – you just need to know what game pays real money. This does include Minecraft. While it is sometimes impossible based on where you play (for instance, you cannot make money on a Hunger Games Minecraft server), in most game modes you can easily make money through various tasks that you would do in the game.

The Fiverr Option

Before discussing actual ways to make money with Minecraft, consider getting an account at Fiverr. This is a site that allows you to do sell services of all kinds from designing logos to doing something inside a video game, on particular servers. The opening price for a task is just $5 but you can easily charge more than that, based on what you will do.

Doing Illustrations

If you often find yourself doodling Minecraft scenes, you can make money with this. There are many individuals out there that will pay you to draw some scenes. Based on complexity, you can find yourself being paid anywhere from $5 to hundreds of dollars.

Recreating Images Inside Minecraft

Recreating an image inside the game takes a lot of time. Most people do not have that time and will pay others to do the task. If you can build something really complex like an airplane replica or The Statue Of Liberty, get ready to make a lot of money inside this game. With such tasks, the employer basically offers a picture and you recreate it inside Minecraft.

Streaming Your Gaming

There are many sites out there that allow you to stream as you play the game. The most popular service of this kind is Twitch TV. The premise here is incredibly simple: you play the game and people can watch you do this. If your stream is popular, people will actually donate money to you. Some even received one thousand dollars as a donation. However, you do need to provide a stream that is useful for others. This option is not for everyone but if you do enjoy being in front of a camera or talking into a microphone as you play Minecraft, you have to consider the opportunity.

Running A Minecraft Server

If you know how to configure and run your own Minecraft server, you can make a lot of money. There are people that pay a lot to have someone configure a server. At the same time, you can offer the service free and make money through in-game or website ads.

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