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How to Manage your Clients in Better Ways

by kaburulu

The present world economy is very strong because the world business growth has been upgraded to a whole different level. The way businesses used to happen and spread has mostly changed and everyone somehow related to these businesses are the warriors bringing the change. The business world has grown very competitive as well; unless you have the best policies to hold your client, clients won’t really be interested in your business. There are a few things you need to know to make your client-contractor relationship outstanding, CRM is very important in any business whether small or big. You can use many CRM tools like Zoho Small Business CRM and other CRM tools as per your business, here is our tips compilation below.


  • Trust building is most important: Why would your clients trust you with their money? You need to let them know the reason, and be very specific and clear. You will be worth a lot of money to your clients; they would want to know if you are really trustworthy.
  • Credibility: You have to be smarter while dealing with your clients. Draw a clear margin between business secrets and business prospects and determine how much your client should know about your business. Basically, they are to trust you with your expertise and you are to provide them with the logistics and service. In-depth business secrets should stay within your own premises.
  • Be the help they want: When they encounter a problem relating your business, make sure they come to you for the solution. Make your clients happy and know when to act fast. Your business, your problem and you are the one to solve.
  • Make regular contacts: When you think you need to make a contact, make it. Don’t be afraid that your client will be annoyed. Even if they are annoyed, they need to know what progress you are making with their money.
  • Time division: During a 8 hours’ work day, you can’t spend all your time on one client; and again you can’t just keep the other clients away. So, make the proper division of time. Sort out the importance and figure out which client need to be paid the most time.
  • Sell Answers, Not Solutions: Don’t convince your clients with the solutions your company can offer. Instead, listen what their problems are and tell them what your company can do for them to make them reach their goal.
  • Know Client’s Demands: Just don’t push your solution templates because you need to sell them and make money. Listen to your clients problems and tell them what your options are to deal with the challenge.
  • Be easy going with the price: If you keep bargaining with your client about the price, keep in mind that they will always be able to find lower price alternatives. Do favor if you can.
  • Demonstrate yourself to clients: If they ever come up with the question “Why should I hire you?” always be prepared to answer that. A witty demonstration can highly impress your clients and potential clients.
  • You’re different: Everyone says “I’m different”. But give your clients good reasons to believe that you are really different and one they can trust.


Do these the right way and forget worrying about goodwill. Your satisfied clients will do that for you!

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