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WordPress designing tips for obtaining best search engine results

by kaburulu


As we are about to end 2015, how about taking a look at the highlights of the web designing industry? Nowadays, everybody has a WordPress website and if you too have one, you should be thinking of the best WordPress web designing trends that you need to follow in order to stay afloat in the web designing industry. With different major releases, tons of themes and plugins and thousands of Word Press, there are many questions that arise. Have you ever wondered how websites will look in 2016? Would you want to see the comeback of Comic Sans or would you want sparkly stickers to be back in 2016?  Sages marketing  is mostly popular for Saskatoon web design with their outstanding services. Their Creative web design makes them unique from others. Tell them your concept and get it to perfection with your best prices. Unique design on wordpress is now most demandable.

  1. Flat web design will stay for a long time: Open your website, open style.css and delete all those things that adds shadows, textures, gradients or depth of any particular kind. Those days of three-dimensional on the web are over and now flat design will continue to rule the market in 2016 and then there will be no-frill website everywhere. Although 2015 allowed some depth, there is lot more to be seen in the coming year. Material design has been considered as the new direction of the web designers.
  2. Responsive designing will become mandatory: Google had introduced different makers for designing mobile-friendly websites and this has become a vital ranking factor which has become obvious now. As more than a third of traffic comes from different mobile devices, responsive designing will now become a minimum standard for all websites. There are WordPress themes that are responsive too and you have to implement them in order to make good websites.
  3. Scrolling will become clicking: There are too many websites that force their readers to move their fingers from button of the mouse to the wheel. The new websites will include scrolling down endlessly through the web pages. Utilizing scrolling instead of clicking is being considered as a good idea among many different levels. Parallax scrolling has been the most impressive trend in the present market.
  4. Modular design: If you’re a web designer, you should prepare yourself for the modular design of the content. One more thing to look forward to is the compartmentalization of websites with their own interactions and behavior. Users don’t have to jump from one page to another with the new designing type.
  5. Pinteresque designing for everyone: It seems that 2016 will be the year of Pinterest. Google will keep pushing this platform for its card-like boxes. Besides looking good, this trend of designing will also offer a profitable solution for responsive websites. As an increasingly large number of websites are hopping on to the platform of Pinterest, you should also remain prepared to see it coming often this year.

Therefore, if you have a WordPress website and you’re looking for WordPress web design solutions, you may take into account the above mentioned trends in 2016. Also make sure that you have hired a trustworthy web designer who can work according to your needs.

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