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Why Should You Consider Premium Domain Names?

by kaburulu

Domain names are how people recognize your site. While search engine optimization can draw visitors, it is the name that people will have on their mind. When you think of “Google” or “YouTube,” does the domain address come to mind or the name? It is that effect the premium domain names have on your target audience that you want to achieve. In a sense, your domain name is much like a brand. It should be easily related to the product you’re offering.

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Why Premium Domain Names?

Although premium domain names are usually more expensive than simply registering a new one, they are usually the ones that people can easily remember. Could you imagine owning the domain name “Apple” when the Internet was first being developed before the corporation put up its first page? Using statistical analysis and visitor experience, these premium names could provide a lot of traffic from visitors because of the name itself. This is why those domains are more expensive – it’s almost guaranteed traffic.

Who Buys Premium Domains?

It can be a lot of painstaking work to develop a website to become as successful as you need it to be. Marketing campaigns, hours of SEO development, mobile interactions, social media and much more can be exhaustive work. If you register a domain name, there is no guarantee that it will be a popular attraction. With a premium domain, people are already visiting it because of the name. This reduces a lot of work on your behalf and the popularity of the visits only increases your website’s page rank in search engines. Add some quality content, and your site can be a success in a very short amount of time.

Who Sells Premium Domains?

Not every domain can become an instant sensation. Many times, strategies can be used in order to determine what names will be the more popular. Once these names are discovered, brokers and individuals will buy these names and then sell them at a premium price. Many times, these sites are up and running with the most basic information or perhaps a series of relevant links to other sites. This is essentially “parking” the domain until it is sold or the owner decides to do something with the page.

Sometimes a person will own a popular website and want to sell as he or she doesn’t have the time to work on the site. Owners will then calculate the revenue stream that the site provides, include the number of visitors and then come to a reasonable price of what he or she believes the site to be worth.

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