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5 Best Android Games 2018

To bring a halt to your boredom and take you on an interesting trip on which games to download and play in the year 2015. Here we bring to you the list of top 5 android games, from the world of Play Store to help you discover what is worth playing and what is not. These games have been rated ... Read More »

Enjoying Gaming Technology To the Max

Enjoying Gaming Technology To the Max

When it comes to appreciating technology, what better way to show your support for advancements in computer processing than by enjoying gaming? Specifically, you can enjoy the kind of gaming that involves cutting-edge graphics, multi-user interfaces, and the best plot and character development that the world has to offer. There are all different ways to put yourself in a position ... Read More »

Top Mobile Game Suggestions For 2018

Top Mobile Game Suggestions For 2018

Mobile gaming is rapidly increasing in excellence and popularity around the world.  There’s nothing more exciting for gamers than mobility, and technology has progressed enough for our mobile devices to run some pretty cool games. Mobile gaming is no longer restricted to puzzle games and breaking blocks.  Today’s mobile gamers enjoy depth, challenge, and high-quality entertainment. Get planted in your ... Read More »

Mobile Games to Download if You’re Looking to Kill Time

In the hustle and bustle of life, there is always a little time left to kill. Even if you’re always busy rushing from place to place or appointment to appointment, there is time on the subway, the bus, or in the passenger seat of the car to spend a couple minutes doing something completely mindless or just plain fun to ... Read More »

Why Pokémon Go is so addictive

If you’re already a heavy gamer you probably know a little something or two about how games can be seriously addicting. But it’s not just experienced gamers who are picking up and getting addicted to Pokemon Go. Everyone is doing it. So why is Pokemon Go in particular so much more addicting than your average app? Nostalgia Many Pokemon Go ... Read More »

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