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5 Reasons to Play COD Mobile on Your PC

by kaburulu

The idea of playing a mobile game on your PC might sound strange initially. Why wouldn’t you just play it on your phone like other people? There are some good reasons to do so. It will require a modern PC – something like an Intel i5 processor for starters – but many personal computers can run an emulator now. As long as you have good enough gear, you’ll be all set. Here are five reasons why you might want to play COD Mobile on your PC, not your phone or tablet.


No Space Left on Your Android Device

Most mobile games require at least 500 megabytes in initial storage. Some need over 1 gigabyte. Also, once they’re installed, there are copious additional downloads required. With COD Mobile, this includes ones for new maps, HD audio and graphics, and weapon packs too. Even when some of this data can be pushed to an SD card, it’s still a lot of storage. Many phone owners cannot spare the storage as they won’t be able to update their other apps. Running an emulator to play codm pc or another game on your PC doesn’t have the same space limitations. Also, it’s easy to add an external HDD/SDD, or extra memory to keep up with requirements.

Avoid Future RSI or Wrist Issues

Holding a smartphone for hours, bending your thumbs inwards, and rapidly moving your fingers to control your player’s action takes a toll. If your fingers ache, or your forearms or wrists hurt after playing, these are potential signs of future issues like repetitive strain injury. Using a mouse with a wrist pad and an ergonomic keyboard saves considerable wear and tear on your hands, fingers, and wrists. Your older self with thank you later.

Share It with Friends or Family

If there are friends and family that crowd your phone and want to watch the gameplay, it’s difficult to do so with a phone where your hands are all over it. By playing COD Mobile on your PC, they can see what’s happening on a larger screen and the display isn’t obscured. Also, they can enjoy more powerful external speakers to get the surround sound effect of all nearby footsteps, a bullet whizzing past, and all the firefights.

Leave Your Phone Free

Games are addictive. Once you fire up a game like COD Mobile, it’ll keep you and your phone busy, potentially for hours. It’s all too easy to miss an important message. If you like to keep up with the latest news, visit websites to check things out, or just quickly Google something, you’re unable to do that while playing. The game gets in the way too much.

Fewer Gameplay Mistakes

Fumbling over the controls can cause you to get disoriented at a critical time in the game. An adversary can better you just at that moment. This is very frustrating, and you don’t get a do-over with COD Mobile. Fortunately, there’s no fumbling with the keyboard and mouse. With years on them, mistakes are few and far between.

Playing COD Mobile on a PC via an emulator can be more enjoyable than doing so on your phone. And your fingers may thank you in the morning too.

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