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Problems People Encounter When Playing Games On Mobile Devices

We can safely say that iOS and Android are now what the DS was in the past for the gaming industry. There are new games released every week and that are designed for mobile devices. It is not at all difficult to find a wonderful game that you will enjoy playing on the handheld. While we cannot actually deny the ... Read More »

Top 5 picks of Android games from 2014

The world of game and the gamers are definitely going through the golden era. Credit goes to the Smartphones emerging as one of the biggest encouragements on this regard. Blend of technological advancements have offered gamers with incredible flexibility. Games are available these days of various concepts and tastes. No matter you want to cruise through the racing vehicle, fight ... Read More »

Up & Coming Mobile Games for 2015

Whether you’re an avid gamer, or just looking for a fun diversion, mobile gaming has something for everyone. So which games are new out for 2015, and which ones are highly anticipated for release this year? Here are just a few that are worth looking out for. Slots Boat Bring out your inner pirate with Slots Boat, one of 2015’s ... Read More »

3 Tips To Get Better In Pet Rescue Saga

Pet Rescue Saga is one of those Facebook game that people from all around the world play. There are actually millions of gamers that enjoy absolutely everything that is offered. While at a first glance you can easily see that the game is simple, after you spend some time playing, everything becomes more complicated. That is definitely not the case. ... Read More »

Leveling Up Faster In ArcheAge Game

ArcheAge is a really interesting MMO game that is quickly gaining popularity. It is really huge in the sense that you can do so many things while you are logged in but the truth is that levelling up is quite difficult since it does take a lot of time. Instead of quitting and sticking to simpler games like on, ... Read More »

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