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Top 5 Must Have Android Car Applications

by kaburulu

Android is an open source platform and has become one of the important aspects of our day to day life. There are thousands of applications that are available for download and are of great importance for us. As android mobile phones have become very common so it also helps people in performing the daily tasks. For those who own a car, android can be very helpful in their driving. Below we are going to tell you about few of the best and awesome car applications which you must install in your Smartphone and take advantage of the awesome innovative technology to make your journey safer.

Find My Car

This application is very helpful for those people who misplace their vehicles very often. The working of the application is very simple and is just like tagging of your location on the Google Maps with the help of GPS. In case you forget that where you have parked your car, the application is going to navigate you with the help of step by step instructions to the position of your car. The application is available for free in the Android Market.


The application has been designed for those people who care about their car even more than your children. The application is able to track each and every information of your car that is passing from engine to road. The application is also able to track the cost and level of the fuel as well as cost of the service. This application is totally for car obsessed people. The application is totally free in the Google Play Store.


The application is one of the best car apps present in the Play Store that you can install in your Smartphone. The application warns the user about the speed traps that are present in vicinity and thus also gives you little time to decrease the speed to a bit more than the government regulated speed. Thus the application prevents you from the radar detectors that even the police officers hate. The price of the application in the Play Store is £2.54 which is worth its usefulness.


As well all know that using mobile phone while you are driving can turn out to be very dangerous, but we cannot reject all the call while driving. Many times we are in such a position where we can neither pause driving nor we can reject the call. For this we have an application that solves this problem of drivers. The application is called Vlingo and is available for free in the Play Store. By using this app you need not to remove your hands from the steering wheel while talking. The application is operated by your voice and does not require your hands for picking up, making calls or even sending messages from your Smartphone. For the proper working of the application you need to say the words in proper clear accent.


The application solves the problem of finding your car in the parking lot if you forget it. So you need not to tell your friends to tell your friends to remember your car’s location, instead you should tell it to this application. You can also tag the secret place of your parking on this application and also save yourself as well as your car from the cops by hiding at a quite spots.

These applications are definitely going to change the way you drive and make your work a lot easier. So what are you waiting for, just download these applications on your Android phone now.

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