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Great software for monitoring Android applications on a phone!

by kaburulu


There are thousands of Android applications which are downloaded by the users of Android smart phones. These apps are of different types and satisfy various utilities of daily life, social networking, entertainment, academics, personal interests and many more. When your kids are using smart phones, it is obvious that they would download different types of Android applications. It is thus very important for you to know which apps they use so that you know that your kids are not doing anything wrong and are using the appropriate apps for them. MSpy is one of the most effective softwares for monitoring and blocking android apps activities in case you find them suspicious. Below given are some of the most important features which are housed in this application:

  • Inspection of call logs: With the help of mSpy app, you can easily retrieve the call log history even if it gets deleted so that the incoming and outgoing calls conducted from the phone can be tracked. This way, you can block the unwanted calls or blacklist them as well. You can get whole access to the calling data, including the recipient’s names, phone numbers and time and date of the call. This feature is very useful for tracking the cell phone calls of your kids.
  • Viewing the IM Chats: With the help of mSpy Android spy app, you can easily spy on the IM chats being conducted on the Android smart phone and see what is being discussed and the person with whom it is being discussed. With this, you do not need any professional hacker’s help to check someone’s account.
  • View social media chats: This software application helps you gain a free access to the Facebook messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Viber accounts synchronized on the phone which you are tracking and hence, you can easily track the social media activities of your kids and check on them.
  • Tracking GPS Location: The GPS tracker on mSpy is extremely strong and effective and hence, you can easily track the location of the smart phone user. You can not only spy on the currently locations, but also get a track map of the previous location where the phone has travelled to and hence, you can monitor where exactly the smart phone user has visited.
  • Check on text messages: If you want to spy on someone and check what kind of text messages they are sending to which recipients, you can easily track it with the help of mSpy. You just have to install it on the target Android smart phone and you can get access to the content and have a saved copy of the sent and received text messages as well.
  • Track online activities: It is very easy to check which applications are being used on the target smart phone with the help of this app. Hence, you can know what kind of applications your kids use, and block the activities of the android apps if it is necessary.

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