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What happens when you remove an app from android’s multitasking drawer?

by kaburulu

Now day’s Android phones are one of the vital parts of our life. We got the world in our hand after the launch of Android phones. Android phones came as a great revolution in the world of mobile phones. We can run different and as many apps we want to run in our Android phone. Some apps eat up lots of battery at a time whereas the others are just opposite. When I noticed that some apps in my phone are eating up lots of battery and some apps are not in use but still running I thought of to remove them, But some questions arises in my mind. Did I remove an app from multitasking drawer? What could happen if I do so? These are some questions which might be rising in your mind also? Here is the answer of your question:


*If you remove an entry in recent tasks it will kill any background processes that exist for the particular process.

* It won’t directly stop the services, however you will find an API there to find out the task was removed to decide if you want this to mean the apps should stop.

* The task of an e-mail app recently launched won’t cause it to stop checking for e-mail.

*If anyone really wants to stop an app completely, he/she can long press on recent tasks to go to app info after that hit the force stop there.

* Force stop will completely kill the app—all processes will be killed, all services will be stopped, all notifications will be removed, all alarms will be removed and etc. The app is not allowed to launch again until the next requested.


Basically, the removal depends on how the app was coded in the time of installation. Just head to Settings > Apps > Running to observe how each app acts, then according to that decide whether you want to remove that app from Android’s multitasking drawer or not? It is totally upon you how you handle the apps of your Android phones. If you want to prevent your phone from battery eating apps then remove them from the multitasking drawer.

You can get many ways to remove apps from your android phone’s multi tasking drawer but keep on mind use the one which you think is trustworthy. Using unreliable way can affect your phone badly. I have done my job of giving you information about What Happens When You Remove an App from Android’s Multitasking Drawer? Now it’s your time to decide that whether you are going to remove any app from your Android’s multitasking drawer or not. If yes, then read the information provided above and then only take any step towards it. Otherwise you could suffer with different problems in your phone. Android phones are very trendy to say but it is equally very difficult to use properly. Keep the information in mind before removing any app.

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