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Tricks for improved and faster web development – Making things easier

by kaburulu

With time, every web designers starts collecting their own stash of tricks to make any work easier and hacks insider information which can only be taught due to experience. Are you a web designer who has been working on web development and designing for a pretty long time? If answered yes, you must have mastered the art of designing and you must also have known the tricks that you need to know of in order to make web designing simpler and easier. Nevertheless, irrespective of whether you’re a web designer or not, here are some smart and simple tricks that you should know of. Check them out.


  1. Post your design ideas: Ask yourself whether or not you can post your design ideas on the internet. Write down the most common and important aspects of web designing and post it on the web. Ask for recommendations and comments so that you may know where you stand. Nowadays the social media is the best way to share your feelings and also know about people. Use it.
  2. Go slow with planning: For all the visually inspired artists who pull out their sketchpads first, you should go slow. Experts always advise people to slow down a little before taking their plunge into the designing bandwagon. Take a scenario-oriented scheme where you can establish the goals of the users and recreate the journey towards them. Now you can easily build a design which fits into the scheme.
  3. Apply some changes globally: Expert web designers usually advise using the CSS rule which involves making an (*) asterisk which allows you to apply any global changes to a whole page. This can indeed help you save time, especially when you’re in the initial stages of web designing. It is never advised to leave it in the live code when you’re designing it.
  4. Check character count: Experts always advise you to have around 45-75 characters in each line for comfortable reading. If you want to ensure that you stick to this in your responsive designing, place dummy text on the page and insert (*) at the 45th character point and the 75th character point. Then test the site to make sure that the text density is sized according to that particular range.
  5. Look for color inspiration: For web designers, color blindness is more like a nightmare. Adobe Kuler is a very useful tool for a web designer if he is color blind. You may use Kuler to amalgamate your palettes as you work through your tasks. One more necessary community is ColourLovers where the members offer ideas, designs and various color schemes which can inspire you. This can have more accessibility in web design.

So, if you’re a novice web developer Sydney, you may follow the above mentioned tips and tricks in order to make things easier and simpler. You may even go through the web designing tutorials that you get online in order to learn more on web designing.

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