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Ways to Stream Live News on Your Smartphone

by kaburulu

Ways to Stream Live News on Your SmartphoneYour smartphone is the best way to get all the information you want right away no matter where you are. This, of course, is also true with breaking news. You want to hear about all the latest as it’s happening, and your smartphone allows you to do that anywhere you go. No longer do you need to sit in front of your TV or a computer screen in order to get the latest news as its happening.

There are a lot of new and better options for you to stream live news broadcasts on your smart phone. You will need to check which apps are available for your phone and what the prices will be for you, because they vary based on your phone and your carrier. Here are some ways to stream live news on your smartphone.

The DIRECTV mobile app

The DIRECTV mobile apps allow you to watch all the channels that you have in your normal satellite TV package from your smart phone. You can pick your favorite news channel or bounce back and forth between channels to get more comprehensive coverage. This is the best option for all-inclusive news coverage in your area. Click here to get the mobile app and the best TV service available.

The ABC mobile apps

The ABC mobile app allows you to get steady news coverage wherever you have cell phone service. You can choose the national channel or your local channel depending on the stories that you want to hear. You will need to enter your satellite TV information in order to get the service, but then you will have access to the entire app and even more video than is available on your TV. Check it out here and pick the best option for you.

The ESPN mobile app

If you are someone who wants to get all the latest sports coverage, the ESPN mobile app is the best solution for you. You can watch local and national games live to get in on all the action. You can even get live games of sports that are not in season, including training footage. Try it out to get more sport coverage.

The Fox News Channel mobile app

If you want a wide variety of views on the latest national and global news, the Fox News Channel mobile app is a great option. You can even get updates for local news by putting in your zip code. Look for it here and get a large variety of videos and news stories.

The CNN mobile app

One of the most used mobile news streaming apps is the CNN mobile app. You can get live streaming 24/7 of what is most prominent in news around the world right now. This is a great way to stay up to date on every important issue affecting the nation and the world. Stop over here to see how you can get this app on your smartphone.


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