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Why You Should Be Using Personal Finance Apps

Smart money management used to be tedious at best and almost impossible at worst. For those of us who juggle multiple credit cards, store accounts, loans, checking accounts, savings accounts, bills, and then some, it can be hard to keep track of everything without resorting to complex spreadsheets. However, with the advent of smartphone apps, you’ll be well on your ... Read More »

There’s An App For That: Addiction Recovery Support

Recovering from addiction can be a lonely process, and especially for those who have graduated from inpatient treatment, it can be challenging to remain on track, building on the good habits developed in treatment while resisting temptation. One tool that those in recovery today have, however, that wasn’t available in the past, is a smartphone. Phone apps allow those in ... Read More »

A Deep Insight intothe Qualifications and Skills Required for Accountant Jobs in Kolkata

  There have been abundant increases in the amount of jobs available in the country. Due to the increase in jobs, more and more job opportunities are being opened by both big and small companies. Skilled individuals are greatly required by these companies. Accountant Jobs There are several accountant jobs opportunities available in various popular cite like Kolkata. An accountant job ... Read More »

Top five Reasons That Make IIFL Markets the Best Stock Market App

Best Stock Market App

India Infoline, one of the foremost brokerage companies in India, has rolled out its new application called IIFL markets. The app has everything that perfectly substitutes its web version. It is a free app that is available on both android and apple platform. But what is it that makes IIFL such a wonderful app?  Here are top five reasons Interface: ... Read More »

The Best Features to Include in Any Mobile App

Building a mobile app today seems easier than ever before. There are so many simple tools and resources that make creating a new app and putting it on the market something that everyone can do. Even though making an app today is easier, making an app and making a successful app are two very different things. In order to make ... Read More »

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