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The Benefits a Reclining PC Gaming Chair with Footrest

by kaburulu
The Benefits a Reclining PC Gaming Chair with Footrest

For serious gamers, spending more than 8 hours a day or even the whole weekend sounds familiar if not a routine. But if you are used to gaming from your sofa or the ordinary office chair, you may have started to experience pain on your lower back or the neck. To contain such issues and further health problems, it is critical for any gamer to invest in a quality gaming chair that provides optimal comfort features during the long gaming sessions. Needless to say, an ideal chair designed purposely for gaming guarantees you:

  • A healthy gaming session – No back pain or neck issues.
  • Improved gaming experience – You can comfortably learn and enhance your skills.
  • More flexibility and comfort.
  • An attractive gaming station.
  • Best gaming posture to conquer any challenge.

Common Features of a Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs come in different designs and features including:

  • Attractive designs and styles inspired by popular car races, video games and motorsports.
  • Lumbar support cushions and headrest.
  • Adjustable armrests.
  • Metallic base with caster wheels.
  • Some models have additional accessories such as audio features, mouse stand and many more.

It is common to find a gamer using a gaming chair and still complain of back problems and discomfort. This is mainly because they didn’t choose the right features and specifications for their unique needs. If you use a chair that is too high for your height, or too small for your body size, you risk experiencing dead legs, and other health issues. Buying a chair with reclining and footrest features can be all you want. Unfortunately, most of the gamers do not realize how much they need these features to go with their ergonomic gaming chair.

The Benefits a Reclining PC Gaming Chair with Footrest

Importance of Buying a Reclining Gaming Chair with a Footrest

Reclining Benefits

Reclining gaming seats comes with several advantages for gamers who cherish long gaming sessions. They allow the gamers to relax and enjoy gaming for hours with extra enthusiasm and zeal.

  1. Improved Sitting Posture – The main cause of the back and neck pain is poor sitting positions. This risk can be avoided by getting a chair that allows you to set the most comfortable position using the reclining features. It gets rid of body fatigue and relaxes the muscles by providing a perfect head, lumbar and neck support enabling you to sit in a health posture for different gaming positions.
  2. Extra Comfort – No gamer would like to get tired after only an hour or two. Reclining chairs allows you to tilt the backrest at different angles making your gaming experience as comfortable as you would like. This can help you to concentrate on the game thus increase your skills without unnecessary stops.
  3. Ideal Whole Body Support – Reclining gaming chairs are designed to be fully ergonomic, customized to ensure stability when you sit upright as well as when you need to lean back.

Footrest Benefits

Footrest may seem to be an unnecessary addition to your gaming experience but it does provide health and comfort benefits including:

  1. Better Posture – Sitting down for too many hours forces you to shift positions on the seat and can lead to poor posture. A footrest is a great tool to improve your posture. It enables you to keep the feet grounded while they stay horizontal to the floor for maximum relaxation.  
  2. Improved blood circulation – Sitting for long without activities can result to poor blood circulation. Using a footrest elevates your legs reducing the chances of developing circulatory conditions such as varicose veins and blood clots. It eliminates the dead leg problem as well as it gives you the opportunity to frequently change your position by moving your legs.
  3. Ideal for Shorter Gamers – If you have problem reaching the floor while seated on your gaming chair your hanging legs may affect your back and weight distribution leading to legs and back issues. While there is nothing you can do about your height, a footrest can provide the best support for the legs and feet helping you to avoid such issues.
  4. Ergonomic Value – A footrest is much more comfortable than when you rest your feet on the floor. On top of being good for your health and encouraging active movements, it is a perfect comfort feature.

If you are looking for a quality chair for your PC gaming, it would be important to consider a gaming chair with footrest and reclining back to ensure proper support and avoid back discomfort, poor circulation and getting tire quickly. Even though you may need to add a few extra coins, it makes sense as you will get high comfort levels, correct sitting posture and reduced health issues. You may consider some of the following gaming seats that comes with attached footrest:

  • ​Ficmax Egonomic High Back Chair.
  • ​DXRacer Classic Series DOH/CA120/NC.
  • ​BestOffice High-back Recliner​ Office Chair.
  • ​Merax Racing Style Executive PU Leather Swivel Chair with Leg Rest.
  • ​BestOffice High-back Recliner Office Chair with Leg Rest.
  • ​Ficmax Egonomic High Back Chair with Leg Rest.
  • Homall High Back Video Gaming Chair with Leg Rest.
  • ​Merax High-Back Racing Home Gaming Chair with Footrest.
  • ​DXRacer Classic Series DOH/CS120/NC/FT.
  • ​TOPSKY High Back Racing Style PU Leather Gaming Chair with Footrest.

It is also important to consider other comfort and durability features as well as comparing prices to get the best deal.

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