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Find Your Dream Home with Housing.com’s Android App

by kaburulu

There is nothing enjoyable as using a convenient App. Housing.com has not let us down with its home search App. It makes the users experience a hassle free smooth joy when locating a house. It is a Real estate search that has most of the estates register thus locating them being quite smooth. The App is not complicated and its user friendly. It does the magic of wonders when it comes to suiting one with the house they need. Through a simple fill in procedure, the provision of the details of an apartment is looked into in many estates and it gives one what they need. Additionally, it eliminates the tiresome direction seeking venture; the App uses a positioning system to locate the premises of interest by the user. One can easily follow up on the simple steps towards giving an exact match of the requirement and search criteria. The search filters are easy to adjust in respect to catering for specific needs of the user. The App has been quite useful in locating and detailing information of apartments for rent in Bangalore. Below are some of the features that make it so convenient.



The App access the Location, the phone (User’s mobile device), the media files and other external storage devices. It also has a Wi-Fi connection which allows the App to view information about the Wi-Fi networking such as whether it is on or off and the names connected to the Wi-Fi devices. It also has a device ID, if you are using a Samsung Smartphone it is likely going to identify the specifications of the device including the model. Call activity is also features and there is a remote number that can be connected by simply calling.

Free App

The beauty of the App is that it is free. It also displays a message indicating whether the App is compatible with the mobile device or the machine one is using. All you have done is click install and follow the instructions. It gives comprehensive details and verifies through photos, that is, shows the properties for rental and those on sale. The Housing.com Android App is very popular and thus most people in Bangalore and elsewhere find it very efficient in locating house apartments.

Sharing with friends

Through the Housing Android App, it is easier to share the property on sale with friends as opposed to just saying and describing a house with no photos for proof. Directing fiends is even easier since all they need is to seek driving directions from the App. It directs them to the exact location of the house. In addition, brokers and other interested parties can easily view the listings of the properties o sale. Business has never been made so easy.


  1. Custom Searches: This is used to ad specific filters like furnishing and rent
  2. Maps: It is used to find homes through the map, they may be either for sale or rent
  3. Nearby: Locating offices or joins such as coffee or food joints is made very convenient with this feature.
  4. Photos: It views property photos among other images
  5. Neighborhood: This App makes the user experience the type of neighborhood they are going to get into
  6.  Commute: It shows the  distance and time for nearby Airport, Bus Station and Train Station Shortlist: It makes it possible to save the property for review later on



For one to use the App the must be within the proximity for interne t access. Additionally, there is need for storage data hardware where images and other down loads will be stores. A call phone is also quite useful to ensure communication with the agents and brokers. The App is very user friendly and does not have a complex layout therefore it is suitable for use by a person who has an Android smartphone.


It is an App that is sure to make it easier for people to locate their site of interest. Practically the only thing that this application doesn’t do well is service the large customer base that has a home that they love that needs a little tender love and care. For that, you’re going to have do a number of Internet searches until you land on a reliable, experienced contractor like Avalanche Roofing. In a nutshell, positioning systems are utilized both efficiently and effectively in respect to the operation of the Housing App.

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