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Don’t Waste Time! 5 Reasons why You should switch to Speaking Pictures Today

by kaburulu


Speaking pictures have pretty much become a revolution, there are so many people now who promise by the concept’s ability to refine their lives and it is just so easy and fun to get started. The best part is, it doesn’t require a significant number of changes to your lifestyle. Just a few simple tweaks should do the job for you.

1: Adding more emotions: The greatest reason why we take pictures is to add emotions to them. Expressions, colors, and background forms the backbone of emotions. Speaking pictures add another dimension to the images that the conventional pictures do not have.

  1. Less time on captioning:Have you ever took a brilliant photo and brood hours over it thinking what you should write for captions? It happens with the best of us. The simple way to defeat this tendency is by recording the message. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a speaking picture is worth a hundred thousand words. By switching to speaking pictures, you won’t have to worry about typos, grammatical errors etc.
  2. Adding Sounds: There are many sounds that cannot be correctly put into words and are best recorded. Adding sounds is one such dimension that makes the entire concept look flawless. The more the sound and emotions, the better overall picture would look. It is imperative to add sounds to the pictures for a richer experience.
  3. Grammar:Thinking of grammar of grammatical mistakes is a thing of past. Adding words to the pictures makes it a flawless stuff, and lets you put anything you want without thinking about grammar – even for a minute – unless you are a grammar czar.
  4. Easy to decipher: Think about the one who is going to receive or interpret your pictures. Won’t you prefer simplicity over something complex? Absolutely! So how about foregoing captioning to describe the pictures and switch onto something radically difference in performance but easy to embrace. The messages put up this way are far better and easier to decipher and doesn’t take a lot of recipient’s time.

Of course, these five reasons aren’t everything and there is a lot of other stuff you can explore through this concept. Currently, Voxweb offers this service of speaking pictures for free of cost and the app can be used and download from both Android Play Store and Apple Store.

Through voxweb, You can take images and share it with your contacts or can upload it to a huge social platform called life, where numerous users would be curious and delighted to explore your speaking images.

The images that have an audio to it are marked with an orange line. You just have to tap on the image and hear the message. Currently, voxweb allows a maximum of 11 seconds of audio as any human expression can be captured in that time slot and also because it doesn’t impact the overall size of the image file.

So get onto the bandwagon and start exploring the world of image sharing.


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