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Galaxy on Fire 2 HD Android Review and Features

by kaburulu
Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is available free on Play Store

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is available free on Play Store

It dates back to june 2011 availability of Galaxy on Fire 2 for devices with Tegra 2 SoC . After more than two years Galaxy on Fire 2, which instead of the suffix THD earn the suffix HD finally ends its exclusivity for devices with processors home NVIDIA and is made ​​available by the guys at Fishlabs on Play Store modefree-to-play . The game is described as ” an adventure in outer space unprecedented “and in effect, at least as regards the mobile platforms, there is a more complete game of Galaxy on Fire under this point of view. The title is a kind of mobile version of the one that was on a PC, the saga of space simulators X . We will then assemble our vessel and if necessary replace it with more advanced spacecraft, and launch out in a galaxy full of adventures and opponents ready to make us the skin at the first opportunity.

In the game play as  Keith T. Maxwell , a veteran of the classic space wars past engaged in actual history to save the galaxy from imminent destruction. The grassroots campaign lasts more than 10 hours, not counting all the side-quests, but through in-app purchase you will unlock two new campaigns, Valkyrie ™ and Supernova ™, giving access to new quests, ships, characters and more . Also through in-app purchases you can buy packages of additional credits for gamers less patient.Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is a more than full that can offer hours and hours of fun on a par with games dedicated to higher performance platforms. The graphics engine will give incredible moments on devices not much alive.

As already mentioned Galaxy on Fire is a free-to-play title and is therefore available for free on Play Store. Read more there remains to try it or take a look at the trailer and the screenshots below. Have fun!

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD Android Features

• Objectives and leaderboards via Google Play game services (GPGS)
• A vast galaxy with over 30 star systems and more than 100 space stations
• More than 50 customizable spaceships and hundreds of weapons systems and different products
• A unique blend of action based on the storyline, missions and sandbox game
• high-quality visual effects including detailed 3D models, textures, high-resolution and breathtaking special effects
and 3D • Audio dubbing complete
• Full support for different resolutions and functionality of more than 200 smartphones and tablets with Android Technology

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD Android Video Review

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