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Free Travel Information From Android Apps And Beyond

by kaburulu

When it comes to traveling these days, it’s so much easier with all of the apps, having GPS, and being able to do research online about the place you are visiting and what you should see there. Before all of these great technological advances you were stuck with a foldable, handheld map, and the chance to visit a visitor’s center to find out what was worth seeing when you got to a state or town/city.

If you are planning a vacation, or simply opting to go on a road trip, you will want to have as much of a plan set forth as possible. Here are some apps, and some websites, that can help you get on your way to a great trip. And don’t forget to turn on your GPS!

Free Travel Information From Android Apps And Beyond

The Best Free Travel Apps For Android

Instead of only using Google Maps to plan out your trips, you can download numerous travel apps. You simply just need to go to the Google Apps store, on your Android phone or on your computer, and search for travel. You will find free ones and paid ones.

Try a free travel app, or two, out first. You may find that some of the paid ones have more features, but that doesn’t always make them better. One of the best free apps is TripIt, which allows you to plan out your itinerary, similar to to mapping your trip out on Google Maps, but this way it is all in your phone.

If you are flying, apps like FlightView and Hipmunk can help you plan your flight, search for the best ticket deals, and Hipmunk is even great for booking hotel rooms as well. That means even if you are driving it can still come in handy.

Poynt can help you find local businesses and events in the area you are visiting. There is nothing more boring than going on a vacation just to hang out in your hotel room the whole time. Instead, find bands to check out live, go to a local art show or festival, and find out the best restaurants to eat at.

Where To Look Online

You can find some of those things online, as well. Take some time to research the area you are going to visit, and maybe look up recommended restaurants or places to see while you are there. There are plenty of places online that can help you make decisions about your travel and vacation plans.

You may also want to use a website to plan where you’ll go, and where you’ll stay when you get there. While apps can help you out to some extent, the internet is a great place to get a start in your search for plans and to get a more in depth feel of the place you’re visiting.

Planning ahead can ensure your trip goes smoothly and that you don’t miss a thing.

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