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Recovery Connection: X Stand-Out Apps For Addiction Recovery

by kaburulu

What Makes a Mobile App Successful

Addiction recovery doesn’t end when you’re discharged from your rehab program, but it can feel like all support for a sober lifestyle stops beyond those walls. Luckily this isn’t true, as a visit to any 12-Step or Alcoholics Anonymous meeting will show you. But you can’t live at these meetings either, so what is there to do when you’re feeling alone in the fight against temptation? The modern solution: simply pick up your android device and tap on one of these great recovery support apps for the help you need. Combine these apps with your other programs like a Homestead AA meeting, and you are well on your way to staying sober.

A Meeting In Your Pocket

Anyone in recovery knows that a quick Google search will let you know where to find an AA or NA meeting in any city, but what about when you can’t fit a meeting into your schedule or you could use a little support to start your day? This is where the NA and AA Speakers apps come in. These apps offer a collection of recovery-related talks to listen to no matter where you are.

There are over 300 talks from conventions available from each of these apps, and if you’re looking for more there are also workshops available for purchase in the AA app. You can also choose a few prefered talks and listen to them over and over, keeping them at your side like a good friend.

Pill Reminders

Many people in recovery continue to require some form of pharmaceutical support, either for underlying psychiatric issues or health problems caused by alcoholism or addiction. After being in rehab where the call for meds is issued and everyone lines up, however, it can be hard to remember to take your medication independently.

Android has a built in app that can help with this problem. Simply set up a pill reminder schedule and your phone can subtly nudge you to take your medication at the appropriate time.

Visualizing A Sober Life

Beyond medication, professional support, and residential community, one factor that many addicts and alcoholics find beneficial in their recovery is a peaceful, natural setting. This calm environment isn’t always available once you leave a program, however, especially for those who live in urban areas.

Your phone makes it possible for you to summon up any environment you wish, however. With apps like White Noise Lite you can listen to crickets or waves on the beach. This gives you a few minutes of time out from the rest of your life, calming you in the midst of surrounding chaos.

The wide variety of available Android apps has been a real boon for those in recovery. Suddenly addicts and alcoholics in recovery can have a meditation space, recovery meeting, and medical team in their pocket. Your phone can connect you to a sponsor or to a calming image, ready when the urge to use feels like it might be too much.

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