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Interior Design And Your Smartphone

by kaburulu

Designing a new space in your home rarely goes as planned.  There is always something out of place or oversized that you just cannot seem to work into the layout.  Choosing paint colors or peel and stick wallpaper and pieces to collectively obtain a certain atmosphere has been made into a much easier task through the advances of smartphone technology.

You are no longer tasked with moving the couch seven times before you find the right place.  You now have the ability to pick, choose, swap, and tweak every little detail of your design from the palm of your hand.  Check out a few of the most functional and popular mobile apps available in home design.

ColorSnap for choosing that perfect shade

The seasons are changing, and the holidays are here.  Creating the most perfect and cozy environment for your family to enjoy during the upcoming holiday season is at the top of the to-do list.  Choosing the best color scheme for the season is no longer an issue with ColorSnap.

If you have ever had trouble choosing exactly the right shade, ColorSnap will solve that issue with the snap of a photo.  ColorSnap will take any image and lay out the colors in that image.

For example, you want to color the dining room the exact shade of your favorite falling leaf.  Take a picture of the leaf with your ColorSnap mobile app, and it will match the color to one of Sherwin-Williams 1,500 different shades.

Zillow Digs will help you find the perfect home

Searching for the most suitable home is no longer a matter of how long you want to travel around town.  Zillow Digs is a mobile app that provides one of the most comprehensive databases of real estate in the nation, but that is not all.

The app has now expanded its capabilities to include home improvement and design services.  Zillow Digs will create an estimate on your interior projects and even direct you to retailers to purchase the necessary materials for the job.

Homestyler Interior Design to work through your ideas

If you are not really up to moving the furniture in a room a million and one times before getting it right, try downloaded the HomeStyler Interior Design app.  The app pegs itself as a “virtual fitting room” for your home.

HomeStyler allows users to superimpose images of various pieces of furniture onto a picture of the room you plan to redesign.  Work out the kinks on the app, and you will only have to move stuff around once.

Home Design 3D Gold builds interior and exterior plans

For interior or exterior design projects, try working with the mobile app, Home Design 3D Gold.  This app is architectural in nature, and it allows users to build and manipulate floor plans in 2D or 3D.

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