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Write Your JEE Exams Like a Pro With The Help of These Tips

by kaburulu

Write Your JEE Exams Like a Pro With The Help of These Tips

Engineering is a profession which is very essential for the progress of mankind. The current developments in science and technology are mainly contributed by many brilliant engineers working hard to solve our problems. A major part of the global population of engineers is from India. Thanks to great institutions such as IITs and NITs for engineering, many India engineers are making their mark in the global pool of development. To be a part of these great institutions, one needs to clear exams like JEE mains and JEE advanced. Below are a few tips to help you in this process.

Study like a pro

  • A chameleon will change its colour according to the surface it is sitting on and it will look like it is a part of that surface. Similarly, a student aspiring to clear JEE and become an engineer must be comfortable with any subject and should be able to change their thought process along with the change in the questions. He/She must be thorough with subjects like Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry and should be able to answer the questions of any of these subjects with ease.
  • Keep a look out for extra bits of information to help you increase your knowledge in subjects. Go through online forums created solely for students aspiring to clear JEE with flying colours. These forums are a plethora of knowledge and gives good guidance with the help of professionals and IIT alumni.
  • Solve previous years’ question papers and give as many mock tests a possible. Score yourself and keep a record of your scores. Keep a tab on your improvement with each test.
  • Talk to students who have previously cleared JEE and secured admission in IITs or NITs. Get tips from them on time management and discipline. You can also borrow their books and notes if possible.
  • Discuss with your friends who are also giving JEE2016 and help each other out on your weak points. Assign topics which you must explain to each other after reading more about it. This will help you to improve your understanding of various subjects.

Study to gain knowledge

A common mistake that students do while preparing for exams like JEE mains and JEE advanced is to study mainly for somehow clearing the exam. This should not be the attribute of an engineering student. You must study to increase your knowledge and have better understanding of the subjects. If you achieve these, then you will automatically clear the exam with a good score and rank. Do not simply mug up topics without making your fundamentals strong. This will confuse you during the exams especially with the multiple choice questions.

Have a positive attitude

JEE2016 is an extremely competitive exam and students are known to get nervous as the date comes nearer. Always stay positive and calm. Keep your mind occupied. Take short breaks between studies and pursue extra-curricular activities. Try to plan your schedule in such a way so that there is always room for revision. Talk to your family members and friends about your fears. Talking about your feelings is always advisable as it lowers stress.

Keep a diary

Keep a diary to record all the topics you have covered daily. Scan through the JEE syllabus completely and make sure you have covered all the topics in it. Do not leave any topic unread. Also, devote extra effort to studying the topics you are weak in. It is important to be confident in answering questions from any topic as this will help to reduce the number of negative marks.

So, use these tips and give the JEE2016 with confidence and surety.

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