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Leveling Up Faster In ArcheAge Game

by kaburulu

Leveling Up Faster In ArcheAge

ArcheAge is a really interesting MMO game that is quickly gaining popularity. It is really huge in the sense that you can do so many things while you are logged in but the truth is that levelling up is quite difficult since it does take a lot of time. Instead of quitting and sticking to simpler games like on arcadelots.com, you could always follow the tips below to reach a maximum level faster.

The Quest’s Summaries

A lot of players will simply go to the quest location when they get the quest. Do not do that. Read the summary so that you do not waste time on movements that are not necessary. Summaries will offer a lot of information that you can use so that you have the proper equipment before you go to the location.

At the same time, make sure that you use your quest indicators. The arrows that appear will have colors, symbols and numbers that aid you to get to the closest quests first.

Do Not Skip On Quests

A lot of gamers simply choose to skip some of the quests as they are too trivial when looking at rewards. That is not actually the case and that trivial quest may open up a huge chain that brings in so many extras you would not have access to if you skip that very first level.

The Hidden Quests

ArcheAge actually includes so many hidden quests that are challenging you to huge a large mob before a specific objective is reached. Rewards actually remain hidden until monsters are killed. Look at an online game guide for ArcheAge so that you can learn in advance whether or not some of the hidden quests are worth your time.

Using Labor Points

The last thing we should highlight is that you should use your labor points in order to run trades, harvest crops, chop trees and even mine ore. Such components will give you a lot of gold and experience that you will surely enjoy since you level up a lot faster. Too many gamers skip over a specific mine or mining area without actually having to.

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