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Using Your Mobile Device For the Major Aspects Of Your Life

by kaburulu

It’s easy to take your mobile devices and the latest processing and technology for granted, but the smart folks will use every bit of it to their advantage with gratitude. Something that fits in your pocket and is reasonably inexpensive can have a major impact on almost every aspect of your lives. Work with that, and appreciate it!

Five categories of your life that you can use the latest tech for include communication, finance, entertainment, professional development, and of course – relationships! Depending on how you use your devices, all of these things can steer your life course in positive or negative directions, so always pay attention to form and function, and don’t get carried away wanting too much from tech without understanding its consequences.


Phones used to be for talking. Now, the major form of communication seems to be texting or sending photos and files. This is a huge break from the norm, and most people just accept it at face value these days. But if you’re smart, you’ll look at the potential for connection, and figure out your own best pattern of engagement to add to your life, rather than distract from the important things.


Your mobile devices can now be the center of your financial universe. You can pay with them, scan your purchases with them, get coupons on them, search for loans on them, and move money around between friends, families, and businesses. This is a huge concept, but again, the need for care comes because it may seem tooeasy to spend money that you don’t necessarily have. Credit cards were one step in that direction, but having collections of credit cards all available on your phone – people can get caught up in bad spending habits quickly, simply because it’s convenient. To keep track of all your finances we recommend using the Personal Capital app


Entertainment is at the core of the human experience, and now your mobile devices are a permanent fixture in the typical need for instant gratification. Hundreds of thousands of entertaining apps are available any given moment. Just looking at the top entertainment apps for a certain week or month will give you more options than you would ever have time to work with!

Professional Development 

There are lots of professional development possibilities that come along with your mobile device as well. You have instant communication connectivity with bosses and employees, and there are billions of YouTube tutorials out there about every topic, and there are subscription sites and college courses just a few clicks away, whenever you want.


And how many people these days have found friends, partners, or even spouses by using mobile devices to search for dates and connections? The numbers are astounding. Because data analysis can be so good and so deep, digital connections make a lot more sense than trying to find people at your local bar or bookstore, right?

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