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What To Look For In A Mobile Antivirus Software

by kaburulu

Phone usage has grown exponentially over time, and it’s easy to see why. The convenience and versatility found in these devices is impossible to beat. In today’s world, it is unimaginable to be without our high-tech phones for even a minute, let alone a day. The mobile phone technology has encompassed all the aspects of our daily lives in such a way that now pretty much every function can be carried out from your hand held phones. You can pay bills, check mails, stay connected with friends, use it for official purposes and so on; the options are limitless. Like with any advance, though, there’s a downside; most phones now carry sensitive information, and are vulnerable to viruses and hacking. Now that almost every function can be carried out on our phones due to always-on Internet connectivity, there’s always some newfangled security threat just waiting to make your life a nightmare.

mobile antivirus software
Many people go to great lengths to secure their computers, but so conveniently forget about securing the phones. Most phone users are completely oblivious to the threats their unprotected mobiles are susceptible to in absence of a quality mobile antivirus software. The biggest threat is that of a malware which spreads quickly and interferes with smooth functioning of a handset or compromises your data. While there are some basic methods to protect your phone, like keeping it locked with a security password, backing up your data, and updating your software, there is also an additional requirement of using a mobile antivirus that will keep your phone protected from most possible threats and keep it secure.

Considering the risks that a normal phone user is exposed to, there are many antivirus providers in the market that each offer one or the other additional benefit from another, just to gain a competitive edge. But, if you are investing in a high-tech phone, do not hold back on a mediocre antivirus. Study the benefits and get the one most suited as per your usage. If you use your phone for a lot of Internet activities, then look for one that offers maximum security from malwares and adware. So! What to look for in a mobile antivirus suite?

  • Mobile Antivirus is for Mobile Phones Only: There are different types of security protocols for all kinds of devices. For laptops or computers, we will never use the one that protects mobile phones and vice versa. The mobile phone antivirus is designed in such a way that it offers maximum protection to the phone, depending upon its usage. You can keep all your personal data secure with the help of reliable antivirus software.
  • Data Privacy: Good antivirus software will prevent any sort of identity theft. It also protects all your private data by flagging malicious apps and fraudulent links. It highlights the risky behavior so that you can be well informed about a breach and protect all the information before it is lost.
  • Safe Browsing Experience: A possible feature of a good antivirus is to not only protect you but also allow you to freely and confidently browse the Internet. It gives you the confidence that your phone is in safe hands and that it will detect any risky behavior. This feature is definitely rarer, and may not be necessary depending on how tech-savvy and confident you are; depending on your technological competence, this might actually be a downside!
  • Virus Cleanup: If you have not already installed an antivirus and you finally decide to do it, your software should be able to detect any threats that are lurking in your phone while it was unprotected. A good antivirus will be able to clean up all the malicious malwares and unsafe processes from an infected mobile phone.
  • Antitheft protection: When we talk about mobile security, it is not just the inside but also the outside that it needs to protect. With this feature, you can remotely access the missing device and wipe out all the information before it lands into wrong hands.
  • Firewall Protection: This is yet another important feature to look for in an antivirus. The firewall protection is a must to stonewall any hackers at the very first step.

With the mobile phone’s wide array of services, it has become all the more susceptible to identity thefts, loss of important data and hacking. While antivirus software isn’t for anyone, it is important to protect our phones and that too with a good piece of antivirus, lest our technological leaps end up turning on us.

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