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A Detailed Discussion on Mobile App Localization

by kaburulu

As we all agree on the statement that the number of mobile users is increasing around the world every year. Smartphones and tablets make it possible to manage lots of professional tasks on the move. Mobile apps become the connecting bridge between app developers and their users. 

Today people from more than 145 countries have access to a huge number of mobile applications on Google Play which they can install and start using immediately. And of course the users prefer to have their apps into their native language. So if app developers are intended not only to operate on the domestic market but expand internationally, they should take care of the localization. Mobile app localization is the process of changing and refining an app to adapt it to the target market. Do you want to know more about it? Let’s discuss and understand what the mobile app localization process looks like and why it is important.

What is Mobile App Localization?

As we already mentioned, the app localization process is about preparing an app to be sold on the target market and mainly refers to the translation of the app into the target language. Before starting the localization process app developers should make sure that their product is ready for localization from a technical standpoint. Here, we speak of choosing a translation management platform and integrating it into the project. It would also be useful to check if the product is attractive to the target audience and if it is also easy to use outside the country. Imagine you live in the US and want to localize your app for Egyptian users. Arabic is the language spoken in Egypt and it is one of the right-to-left languages. That means that before starting to localize your app into Arabic app developers should make the UI of their app RTL-ready. 

We believe that order translation from native-speakers is the best option. Google Translate can be used to localize an app. But it is important to remember that the users are real people, while Google Translate is a machine translation tool that is really good for personal tasks but still not perfect for business needs. 

Starting to localize an app for the first time can be a stressful task for an app developer. But the process will become smoother and smoother with every new language (and especially if the app is a success in the target market). Fortunately, we are living in an era when a lot of useful content and advice can be found on the Web. And that definitely can facilitate market entry.

Next we will discuss with you the importance of mobile app localization in detail.

Why Mobile App Localization is Important?

The result of android app localization is not only the app that perfectly meets the requirements of Google Play but also brings benefits and satisfaction to the users of Android devices. And believe me, seeing a comprehensive native language on the screen makes the users feel good! The happier users are, the more they are willing to make in-app purchases, the more money app developers earn on the target market.

Key Features ensuring Quality App Localization

How to understand that the quality of app localization is good:

  1. The language translation is accurate and authentic.
  2. Time format and numbers (esp. currencies ) are used properly according to the target geo.
  3. Сorrect language keyboard option is available for the users.

The year 2021 suits to grow your online business more than ever and high-quality localization can help your app boost on the new markets!

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