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Cyware: The White Knight in Cyber Security

by kaburulu

The task of cyber security professionals is never ending. One small breach and it can have serious consequences such as damage to credibility, fall in stock prices, and reputation with customers. More serious consequences can be loss of sensitive data. A continuous struggle is required on part of security professionals to prevent a breach from occurring.

However given the sophisticated nature of threats and the huge number of threat actors, the cyber security professionals need to be on their toes all the time. Even a single second delay in threat intelligence can have serious consequences. The earlier you know about the threat, the safer you are. The new paradigm of cyber security suggests that the key to “Threat Intelligence” is cyber awareness.


You will not find many solutions for such a challenge, however there is one and it goes by the name Cyware. Cyware is an extremely user friendly, first of its kind App meant for promoting cyber security newsand internet security through cyber awareness. It is meant for both cyber security professionals and general internet users. Nowadays when security professionals and general internet users require expertly curated cyber news so as to be steps ahead of threat actors and safeguard sensitive and confidential data, Cyware comes out handy.

Cyware helps the security professionals sustain operations and protect infrastructure by acting as an information channel. For the first time any App has offered niche features in a mobile environment. It curates news from thousands of articles published daily on the internet and provides quick, short, summarised and meaningful updates while retaining the essential facts and information; thereby disseminating cyber awareness among security experts in real time. Even general internet user can take help of Cyware for all round internet security to safeguard himself from scams and frauds, loss of sensitive data and ransomwares. The information feed provided by Cyware will keep him updated with latest threats thus preventing him from falling for scams and frauds.

Cyware is powered by IBM’s Watson technology. The news is professionally curated and categorised into different categories like Malwares & Vulnerabilities, Breaches and Incidents, National Security, Expert Blogs among others. The most important thing about these short and quick news updates is their role in threat intelligence. These inputs can definitely play a huge role in threat intelligence by providing timely feeds which can help organizations plug in vulnerabilities and loopholes. These feeds can further be shared in real time to create situational awareness throughout the leadership team, security team, clients, and peer organizations.

It is an effective way to streamline the security framework of an organization. Additionally Cyware also provides newsletters customised for various security profiles. A quick scan through the newsletter leaves you with all the important news of the day that you should know. It doesn’t take much to deduce the fact that Cyware can act as a “force multiplier” for the security team and the App is going to be a game changer in the field of cyber security.

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