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Call of Duty: Strike Team Game for Android Review

call duty.

The famous video game series ” Call of Duty “, developed by Activision. The house developer allows us to immerse ourselves in the  “call of duty ” also means Android, Call of Duty – Strike Team debuts on Play Store, but its price and weight could stop many players. Before you downloading, you  want more information!! Gameplay As you surely know, we are in a perfect shooter game that ... Read More »

Ping 8 Bit Puzzle Pong Game on Android : Video Review

Newly we told you about a game  which repeated the main features of the famous Pong, the video game of the 70s. Today we want to tell you about a similar title? Oh no not another Ping Pong clone! Wait, it’s not! It’s actually something new and original! which Includes 72 levels. The developer has taken inspiration from the Atari signed, but gave birth ... Read More »

Simply The Bird – The Addictive Android Game

simply the bird android game

Simply the Bird is an excellent Android game. It looks as if you are playing Flappy Bird game but it is more addictive than anyone can imagine. I recently came across several Android games but this one is pretty interesting. This certainly looks different with beautiful tweaks in some places.   I rather feel this game is pretty easier than ... Read More »

Bounty Arms Kerosene Game Android Review – Video Review

Bounty Arms Kerosene Games

  Bounty Arms Kerosene Game Android arrived in Google Play Store .We got a bit ‘fond Bounty Arms : it is more than a year to talk about it  and think that in May we had the illusion that the game would be released at a distance of one week after the application  of one of the articles that we have spent. We are talking ... Read More »

Doom 3 Game arrives on Android : Download and Review

Yes you read right: your Android ( latest generation, mind you ) might be able to play perfectly Doom 3 , the third installment dell’FPS of id Software genre that made ​​him famous all over the world. Yes, but how? Specifichiamolo immediately: DIII4A is essentially a port of the graphics engine Dante Engine , based on the original Doom 3 ... Read More »

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