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Mercatone Uno app for Android : Latest App in Market

by kaburulu


You want to decorate the house or just buy a new lamp? If you want to save money, Mercatone Uno could be the right choice. From now on you will always have at hand the convenience of our prices, the richness of the set, and all the useful information that will help you in choosing the  best furniture solutions like furniture and furnishings, appliances, household items and leisure.
Discover low cost style, our new philosophy of furniture that offers the possibility of making special environments of everyday life with articles aesthetics recognizable at low prices. Advertisements of this kind come to us from all sides, but actually the prices offered by this chain of hypermarkets are often cheaper . To find the products Mercatone Uno can go hunting in  their catalog, unless you find it in the mailbox, visit the website or download the app for Android !

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The hypermarket also arrived on the Play Store with an application that allows customers to browse through the latest catalog via smartphones and tablets, but also offers other interesting information.In the menu we  Mercatone Uno of the comfortable icons that show us the main sections of the app. The first is devoted to the catalog and the products are divided into various categories like kitchens, bedrooms, closets, bedrooms, beds and so on. Present even the opportunity to enter a given product in  Wishlist .The title lets you find the nearest retailer , see the news (of the Facebook fanpage) and discover all the services offered.

Mercatone Uno has also thought about the needs of customers, in fact, the app includes the ability to take notes . Not only can you enter text, but also attach a photo of the product (taken from the gallery or taken at the time), and add information such as height, width, depth and so on.At the launch of the new application, Mercatone Uno decided to give away a voucher worth € 5you will find in the “Coupon”. The discount will be valid on any product, but must be used by 31/10/2013.


Directly from your smartphone you can access the sections developed specifically for te, including:

-> The leaflet containing offers the most exclusive and affordable, complete with details and specifications of validity.
-> The catalog, where you will find all our products categorized. Each product data sheet, accompanied by detailed     features and pricing, will allow you to save the product of your interest in the wishlist and share it within your social networks to show your contacts your next purchase!
-> The list of our stores, with address, opening hours and contact details. Select your favorite store, and discover its offerings.
-> The Coupon section, which contains all coupons reserved exclusively to the holders of the app Mercatone Uno and spent at our stores.
-> This section notes, which will allow you to indicate and saving measures of the product of your interest and then verify that it fits the space at your disposal.

Within the application you will also find all our news and information on the services of Mercatone Uno.


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